Curved Patio Doors – A perfect solution

Curved or facetted

Curved Patio Doors Inside LookImagine this – you have just designed a beautiful curved patio opening to the garden but you are told it needs to be made from ten small panels and you must have nine vertical mullions. Really? Compromise no more – Curved openings no longer need to be segmented into little straight parts, much like a fifty pence piece instead of curving the elements.

Segmenting a window or door is never an attractive solution and is usually sought because of the feared expense in curving glass and sections. Infact those who cannot make curved patio doors will tell you it can’t be done, or that it costs the earth. Why? So you can use what they know and can do – segmented curves. Here at Balcony Systems we offer you some extremely innovative and interesting solutions. Our expertise in bending both aluminium and curving glass has allowed us to develop and offer affordable curved sliding door solution. Yes, your read it correctly – affordable.

Benefits of Curving

The benefits for you are clear. Having an affordable curved sliding door solution means that your curved building corners or openings can now:

  • Be made to the exact radius required
  • Have large curved glass expanses
  • Less or no vertical divisions
  • Have curved glass that complements your openings
  • Have a panoramic clear view all around

Curved Sliding Patio Doors and Windows, or indeed fixed curved windows utilise curved glass; and curved glass has the effect of adding a “luxury” feel to your doors and windows. The curved elements immediately attract the eye. It is NOT viewed as just another door or window but actually makes a bold architectural statement – this is not any ordinary house – no matter where the building or house is.

Curved Sliding Doors

Affordable Curved Doors

The affordability and versatility of options is what makes these curved sliding patio door and windows so popular. Architects ask for innovation and if this means bending over backwards, or bending glass, we are happy to oblige. To actually see the options and affordability of these have a look at our page of different model options, where you can also obtain an online estimate for the cost. Click here for that – Curved Patio Door Options. The combination of curved doors with a curved balcony, or curved glass railings make it a fantastic solution for rural or sea views where you do not want to spoil the panoramic vista. Curved sliding patio doors are becoming more and more a preferred solution by the modern day architect.

Curved Patio Doors

Why sliding? Why not side hung, folding or pivoting?

When curving doors, why go for a curved sliding door rather than a curved opening door, folding sliding, or pivot? The main advantage of sliding doors is the fact they do not interfere with the space around them. When you have an opening window or door, you must leave space for this door to swing and not clash with household items. In using curved sliding doors this is not an issue, the door slides alongside the next door and so does not take up any more space than its external frame. This is tremendous advantage. In particular this is important in the modern building where floor space is very expensive and when floor space is lost due to “dead” spaces for doors or windows to swing into, more space is needed for manoeuvring. Curved sliding doors not only solve this but become a beautiful partition between inside and out.

Curved Patio Doors – A perfect solution >

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