Sharp rise in Curved Patio Door enquiries

Balcony’s sales staff are commenting on a great increase of enquiries for curved sliding patio doors. These enquiries I am told are mainly coming from architects with a large number of these curved door projects relate to refurbishment projects.

It seems since the decline of new housing projects that public doing up their own house rather than moving has created a demand in the market for innovative door solutions.

It looks like architects have taken a particular liking to  the curved patio doors that Balcony supply.  Balcony’s managing director comments that Balcony have been thoroughly promoting the curved glass doors product in over thirty consumer and proffesional shows and exibitions over the last seven years. This, he continues, has been a key factor in getting the architects, specifiers and designers to learn about the availability of curved glass doors. Coupled with the affordability of Balcony’s glass doors this he believes has created this surge in interest.

In 2009 Balcony had an increase in sales of curved doors and forcasts a further 30% increase this year.

Curved glass sliding patio doors are available in many options of sliding and fixed combinations with virtually no limit on radii.