Adding class with curved glass

Property Developer Mike Davies recently completed a new build project, which involved the installation of a nine metre wide Juliette balcony, three sets of curved glass patio doors and three glass balustrades from Balcony Systems Ltd. Mr Davies bought the plot of land, commissioned an architect to design the property and built it himself to sell on:

The property

The property, a large, modern five bedroom house in Meliden, near Prestatyn, North Wales sold for £1.2 million. It is situated on the side of a cliff with fantastic views so Balcony’s products were the ideal choice. The Juliette balcony, six metre wide curved patio doors and nine metre wide balustrade ensured that the property’s perfect views were not obstructed.

Adding class

Mr Davies explains: “I first came across Balcony at Glassex and then went on to their website. I was impressed with the range and quality of products, with the modern curves and lines that definitely add to the look and value of a house. Their Juliette balconies and balustrades don’t have metal posts and clamps so the homeowner gets a clear view from the windows. And their curved patio doors are just stunning and add real class to the home.

Easy installation

“Balcony’s service was excellent,” continues Mr Davies. “The whole installation was very easy and progressed without a hitch. Their website is also helpful with a video that guides you through installing the products, which is easy to follow and understand. I would definitely recommend Balcony’s range to others.”

Next: 80 metres of balustrade

Mr Davies has since started a new project involving approximately 80 metres of balustrade for a large four bedroom house on the foreshore of the Menai Straits in Anglesey. The property is to be glass fronted to take advantage of the lovely views.