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Curved vs Flat

curved facades in buildings

Since time immemorial, curved elements in buildings have been used to create superior aesthetics. These curved elements not only carry an inherent strength but are also pleasing to the eye. Curved balconies, curved top windows and doors, curved walls, domes, ellipses and spiral stairs are just some of the elements used by architects to enhance the building they are designing. It is interesting to note that in the modern age, where budget and cost are many times a main driver in design and chosen solutions, that these curved elements are often discarded or ruined by introduction of “facetted” curves rather than good old “round” curves. With the industrialisation of the building industry, many companies have become proficient in producing quantities of standard “flat” elements including glass. These industries cannot cope with curved elements and when curved glass and other elements are introduced this creates a “hiccup” in the system as these cannot be industrially done.

Architects vision Vs Budget

On many occasions Architects have to combine their vision with the clients budget. This becomes all the more so when it comes to curved glass and facades, and on many an occasion the budget wins, and the vision is compromised. But then again on occasion it is aesthetics that win and the end result is beautiful.

Specialist in bending and curving

It seems that in each area where curved elements are concerned there come to be specialists in this niche, companies that specialise in manufacture of specific bespoke or tailor made “curved” elements. This is true of curved glass both in curved balconies and curved doors; this is true of curved metal work in elements such as spiral stairs, curved top windows and doors, curved sliding doors, curved handrails etc. These companies usually develop special machinery to overcome the problems related to curving elements. As machinery develops prices of curved elements come down and become more readily available for use.

curved balustrade

Professionalism, bending and curved glass

When manufacturing curved elements, such as doors, windows and the sort, the curved glass must be exactly matched to the curved doors otherwise the product will not work well. Balcony Systems has invested in tailor made and built machinery and accessories that are specially designed to suit curved profiles and curved glass elements. This has enabled the company to both become very professional in the field of curved sliding doors and curved glass balconies, and to do this with a high level of professionalism. An important factor in that equation is not in least being specialist who are in control of both glass and metal bending.

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  1. Amelia Byrne Palmer Hansen


    I’m looking for a rounded window for a residential use. (My 12 yr old son wants to be an architect and he wants to replace his flat window with a round one, with no vertical lines. He doesn’t want a bay window with 3 panes, he insists on rounded glass though I’ve told him it is completely impractical. Do you have any products remotely like his idea and any US supplies.

    Many thanks,

    Amelia (Portland, OR, USA)

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