The Advantages of Balconette’s Frameless Juliet Balcony

frameless juliet balconyIf you’re considering fitting a Juliet balcony to your property, then why not consider one of our stunning frameless balconies? Conventional railing or balustrade Juliet balconies might seem like the simple choice, but we think a frameless Juliet balcony is a beautiful alternative. Here are seven great reasons why you might want to consider treating your building to a frameless Juliet balcony.

Enjoy the view

With a frameless Juliet balcony nothing obstructs your view. So if your window looks out over stunning countryside, a buzzing urban scene or a garden you’ve spent hours on, don’t obstruct your view with posts and railings; make the most of it with a clear glass frameless Juliet Balcony.

Let the light in

Maximise natural light and don’t obstruct a single ray of sunshine. Our frameless Juliet balconies are the ideal solution for offices or studios where natural light is a precious commodity. They’re also perfect for homes where natural light is at a premium – shaded by trees perhaps, or in situations where you want to make the most of every glorious sunset. Fit a frameless Juliet balcony and let your home bask in natural light.

Make a Statement

Prized by architects, a frameless Juliet balcony allows the beauty of your building to shine, without being obscured by metalwork. They’re ideal for sympathetic conversions of older buildings, or a streamlined addition to modern creations.

view from frameless juliet balcony

A dream to fit

Simply slide the glass into the attractive and unobtrusive supports on either side of your window. No need to worry about miniscule tolerances when measuring up for drilling, you’ll find fitting your frameless Juliet balcony to be simplicity in itself.

Ready when you are

With only a five day turnaround, you can order any of our seven standard frameless Juliet balconies and know we’ll deliver to fit your schedule. That’s no waiting around for them to turn up, and no worry about where you’ll store them if they arrive too early.

Custom Made Available

Are your build requirements more discerning than the average? Not a problem for us. If we don’t have your requirements in our catalogue then let us know what you need and we’ll make to order. And while we’re at it, why not ask to have your frameless Juliet balcony coated with the BalcoNano water repellent coating? This self-cleaning glass treatment will save you time and protect your precious view and sunlight.

glass frameless juliet balcony

Quality you can Trust

Quality glass, anodised aluminium supports that will never rust and a 10 year guarantee on all finishes mean you can rest easy in the knowledge you’ve used the best quality for your frameless Juliet Balcony. Sit back and enjoy the good looks, wonderful scenery and extra light for years to come.
So what are you waiting for? Give us a call or complete our enquiry form today; we’re looking forward to helping you with the right balcony for your building project.

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