Composite Decking Vs. Wood

Which is the right material for you?

composite decking

Planning some new decking? With so much choice, many people are surprised at the complexity involved in choosing the right decking. But the most important decision is one of the first you should make. Will you choose a composite decking solution or go for wood?

Wood is the traditional choice, and for many it’s the only choice. But this is often because people aren’t aware of the wide range and the benefits of composite decking. For instance, composite decking doesn’t suffer the same eventual fate as so many wood decking solutions. It doesn’t get slimy and slippery, it doesn’t rot and it’s very low-maintenance. In fact, it’s a million miles from the decking boards that have put so many people off in the past.

Composite Decking vs Wood. The 5 Key Factors:

Because there is so much to think about here are our top 5 factors to consider when choosing your decking:

1. How busy will your decking be?

If it’s for temporary or very occasional use, then you’ll probably be better to fit wooden decking.  But if you’re planning something that will be used regularly and by lots of people, composite decking will be a better choice.

Also think about who will be using it. Children? The elderly? The general public? It may be in your interest to fit non-slip decking. Non-slip wood decking is available and is often infilled with grit to prevent slippage. But, this is uncomfortable if someone does fall on it, and it also affects the look of the decking. In contrast, non-slip composite decking is specially developed to be anti-slip without grit infills. Lasta Grip composite decking from Balconette is moulded to include textured areas to reduce the risk of slipping without highly abrasive strips of sharp grit. It has the look of traditional decking, with the added bonus of anti-slip protection.

composite decking

2. What do you want your decking to look like?

Wood decking is the perfect choice for a natural look, but some composite decking choices are a convincing alternative. The Balconette range of composite decking is moulded from replicas of natural prime oak for a perfect reproduction of natural hardwood. It will fool anyone that doesn’t know your secret!

And unlike wood, composite decking is readily available in a variety of finishes. Take a look at the Balconette range of composite decking finishes to be inspired!

3. How much spare time do you have?

Enough to sand and re-oil your wood decking every summer? And what about jet-washing and replacing rusty screws? If you fit composite decking, you won’t need to worry about any of this.

A wipe with warm, soapy water is enough to get your composite decking summer-ready. So you’ll be relaxing with a nice cold beer on your bank holiday – not re-staining your wooden decking like your neighbours!

4. How much money do you want to spend?

Wood decking can be a cheap and cheerful option. Especially if you go for an entry-level wooden decking option. So, it’s a great choice if you’re on a very tight budget or looking for a temporary solution. But if you want something longer term, think about composite decking.

With virtually no maintenance costs, composite decking pays for itself over time. You won’t need to replace cracked boards, spend time jet washing and sanding slimy or discoloured boards or invest time and money re-oiling or staining your decking. And compared to some high-street retailers, you’ll be impressed at the price and quality of the Balconette range of composite decking.

composite decking

5. How long do you want your decking to last?

If you want reliable and long-lasting quality, you can’t go wrong with Balconette composite decking. With an incredible 25-year warranty, the Balconette composite decking range is the perfect choice! And what’s more there are no complicated clauses or conditions; just fit and relax!

Unlike wooden decking warranties that require annual applications of stains and fungicide treatments, you’ll be able to sit back, safe in the knowledge that your decking is protected by our warranty. That’s 25 years of reassurance – perfect for forever homes and people who like to spend their money wisely!

So now, all you need to do is measure up, choose your decking and place your order. And if you have any questions, just call our team of experts who will be ready to help you with any of your questions.