Internal Balustrades

decorative metal balustradeHistory of the Balustrade and Baluster

The terms Balustrade or Banister are the words that are commonly used when describing the components that make up a railing or guard system.  The Balusters are the upright posts that act as the support of the system, usually spaced evenly along the balustrade. The Balustrade was traditionally made of wood and clay and other metal components.

What can you have internally?

There are lots of different settings where a balustrade would be needed inside a building mainly being a mezzanine level balcony, a well balcony or a staircase balustrade.

A mezzanine, sometimes referred to as a viewing gallery, is most typically a short level between the ground floor of a building and the first floor with a balcony.

To comply with Building Regulations internal balustrades is domestic location that serve a single family need only be 900mm high, whereas external balconies need to be at least 1100mm high.

Regulations also talk about gaps and it is important to see and check that the width between balusters are not wide enough for a child to fit through, regulations state that a sphere (ball) of 10cm should not be able to be squeezed through anywhere on a balcony or balustrade.

You can also have a well balustrade where you can see down to the next level or levels. Balustrades can also run down a staircase acting as a handrail support and the baluster guards.

Traditional Internal Balustrade

What materials are typically used for an internal balcony?

In the past, traditional balustrades were most commonly made from wood or clay. Wood is still a common material to be used as an internal balustrade, other materials that are used include wrought iron, stone, and other metals however the more luxurious and a dearer option is the Glass Balustrade.

What Balcony Systems can offer for the interior?

Balcony Systems have supplied many Glass Balustrades and stair run balustrades for internal use.

Balcony’s Glass and Anodised Aluminium systems have many benefits as opposed to other more common materials. The main benefit being that the views are clear through the glass rather than through the gaps of the wooden balusters. The glass balustrades are seen as a design aspect of an interior and are becoming more and more popular in the modern home.

Balcony’s Glass Balustrades are easy to fit as well as being maintenance free! No ugly clamps are required for the systems we supply and no corner posts are necessary.

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