Glass Banister Types, Costs and Installation Issues

stair balustradeEffi Wolff joined his father’s company in 1993 after his military service. The company had been successfully creating glass banisters and balustrades in Israel since it’s formation in 1984. After eleven years, in 2004, Effi brought the concept to the UK. Bringing innovation to the already popular trend, he was able to bring down the cost per unit, even when making customs sizes and shapes. The company took off and is now the leading UK manufacturer of glass balustrades and Juliet balconies, as well as curved patio doors and windows.

The Innovations that Makes the Difference at Balcony Systems

What sets Balcony Systems apart from other manufacturers of glass banister and glass balustrade systems is how strong but unobtrusive the supporting handrails and posts are. For instance, even with their least expensive systems, no corner posts are required and when posts are required the maximum post center to center measurement is 2.1m. Costs for the Balcony Systems’ glass banister systems start at just £199/meter.

Another innovation was a manufacturing process that allowed them to create custom curves to glass balustrading, which allowed them to branch out into manufacturers of curved patio doors and windows and to do so at a very reasonable price to the customer.

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Glass Banister Systems for Staircases

While Balcony Systems developed their glass balustrades for balconies and decks, they are being used more and more internally and externally on staircases. Since their glass banister systems are unobtrusive, relatively lightweight, fabulous-looking, safe and economical, this has made them a very popular choice amongst architects, builders, developers and self-builders. With the option of self-cleaning glass coating, they only require very gentle and infrequent cleaning and being made of toughened glass and a truly stainless anodised aluminium, they are virtually maintenance-free.

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Glass Banister Installation Issues

Balustrades for stairs, as any balustrade, must comply with building regulations, BS6180:2011 and BS 6399-1:1996, these need to be correctly designed as well as the angle and dimensions of the staircase needs to be very accurately measured and communicated to the manufacturer. See article for more information on this. Here is a video on how to install the glass banister inside or outside a property.

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