Sweeping balcony curves for stunning views

Spectacular sweeping curved glass balconies, supplied and installed by Balcony Systems, provided the bespoke balustrading solution for the multi-million pound Gloucestershire dream home of one of Britain’s leading industrialists.

Spread over seven levels, the 2,800 sq metre futuristic, high-tech property is a fabulous fusion of glass, stone and metal roofing incorporating several self-contained apartments, a swimming pool, winter garden and viewing tower.

Complex design


The former dairy farm site, near Wotton-under-Edge, also contains a second smaller property reflecting Swinhay House’s contemporary style and materials. Both buildings use more than 45 metres of Balcony’s elegant balustrading system, which was specified to meet the projects’ complex design and aesthetic requirements.

As the system relies on the handrail for the necessary strength, the glass balustrades require minimum vertical supports to provide uninterrupted views of Swinhay’s formal gardens, parkland and countryside beyond. Curved and straight 10mm toughened glass panels blend seamlessly and stylishly with the mansion’s extensive glazed elements for maximum visual appeal.

Endless design opportunities


An exciting project, it presented some interesting challenges as Effi Wolff, Balcony’s Managing Director, pointed out: “All the balconies were highly unusual shapes in combinations of convex and concave curves, slopes and cut out of stone work to follow the building’s unique shapes and changing levels. Not one balcony had a 90 degree corner in it!”

Glass balconies with curves of 15 metres or more are achievable without the need for posts – offering endless design opportunities. This is due to the inherent strength of the curve – or arch as seen horizontally – combining even greater support with the handrail to give stunning results.

Structural work was project-managed by Swinhay Developments Ltd whose Managing Director Iain McMurtry praised the versatility of the Balcony system in delivering a highly-effective curved and straight balcony solution for both properties.

“An initial inquiry for two curved glass balconies on the smal

ler estate house led us to specify the Balcony System for four balconies on Swinhay House,” he explained. “We wanted glazed and anodised aluminium balconies and Balcony fitted the bill with a bronze handrail to match the colour scheme. Assistance with surveys and technical design was backed up with excellent service. The whole installation went very smoothly.

“From an installation and contracting perspective, the Balcony system ‘ticks all the boxes’. More cost-effective and simpler to install than a traditional glass balustrade, it performs very well. I am very pleased with the finished product which convincingly achieves the look of a much more expensive system,” added Iain.