Self-cleaning glass balcony

The introduction of a self-cleaning glass coating option is proving popular with Juliette balcony and balustrading customers, especially for those living in coastal or city environments, say specialists Balcony Systems.

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Applied on both sides of the glass, the patented self clean coating creates a smooth surface that quickly repels water, dirt and grime to help keep it looking clean for longer.

This maintenance-reducing benefit was the key reason why Rhian and John Powell Jones chose the Balcony Systems Juliette balcony for their new-build home at Harlech, North Wales.


“The self-cleaning glass definitely influenced our choice of balustrading as our house is in an elevated position overlooking the sea,” comments Rhian. “It’s very windy so we often get fine salty and grainy deposits carried in the air. This glass certainly helps to reduce the amount of cleaning we have to do – leaving us more time to enjoy the view.”

She adds: “Not only does the Juliette balcony look great from the inside and outside, it’s easy to look after too.”