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Frameless Balcony ScreenUsually when something looks stunning, there’s a price tag to match. Cars are a great example, where a brand name can add 1000’s to the price tag, but in this case our innovative glass balustrade design has enabled us to create a system that has:

  • Stunning looks
  • Exceptional quality
  • Simpler and therefore reduced installation costs
  • Costs less than traditional comparable systems
  • Proven track record
  • Near maintenance free

No Stainless-Steel Railings

One of the issues with stainless steel is that it doesn’t stay looking like new and, depending on the quality of stainless used, will tarnish either sooner or later. The other issue is its cost and weight, which can also make shipping more expensive.

To overcome this, Balconette uses anodised aluminium with coatings that are not affected by the weather in the same way as stainless steel. The anodised aluminium coatings are also very easy to keep clean with the use of just soap and water, which means maintaining the look is simple and requires minimal effort, giving you more time to enjoy the view.

The anodised coatings that we use are so good that we give a 10-year guarantee on their finishes, so you won’t need to worry about fading or tarnishing.

Lightweight System

We designed our balustrades to be both lightweight and strong. This has the added benefits of making the system easy to manoeuvre as well as making it possible for a single person to install.

So, if you decide to install it yourself, as anyone who’s done work around the home knows, this can make all the difference.

Installing the glass

Compared to a structural glass or clamped system, Balconette’s Glass Balustrades are much easier to install. With only a small amount of components required to put the balustrade together – the lightweight profiles and glass and general lack of hardware – a Balconette Glass Balustrade can be installed relatively quickly.

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Saying that something is ‘simple’ and ‘nearly maintenance free’ is one thing, but showing it is another. So if you follow this link, you’ll see the simple step by step instructions which show why the system is so user friendly.

If you have any questions or are ready to move forward, let us know and we’ll start walking you through the process and get your job scheduled for production.

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