Ease of Glass Balustrade Installation

As you may or may not have seen, a sense of humour is alive and well here at Balconette. If you’ve not watched our BalcoNans in action, now’s your chance.

On a more practical note, our Glass Balustrade system has been designed with ease of installation in mind, so here are a few points to consider when deciding on installation.

Points to consider when looking at installation

  • Whether you want to self-install or have it done for you, a good builder can install our system with ease or, we can recommend a Registered Partner in your area who can oversee the installation.
  • Your DIY skill level – as you can see from our BalcoNans video, you don’t need to be an expert at DIY. We provide all the information you need on our website – just read/watch the relevant information/video before you start.
  • Health and Safety considerations –if you’re installing above ground level.

Making it Easy

To help ensure the whole process runs smoothly we have technical information available to download including:

  • Structural calculations
  • Sections and elevations
  • Installation instructions

A good read through this information should leave you or your installer feeling confident about what you need to do.

Here are some key links to help you find relevant technical information for all products:

  1. Technical information for Curved Doors includes technical information about heat loss, coatings and more relating to the glass used.
  2. Installation instructions for Curved Doors
  3. Technical information for Glass Balustrades
  4. Installation instructions for Glass Balustrades . This includes downloadable documents, photos showing how as well as videos.
  5. Technical information for Juliet Balcony
  6. Installation instructions for Juliet Balcony including downloadable documents and video with some great tips to help make the job go smoothly.

If you still have any questions we are here to help, so feel free to contact us.

4 thoughts on “Ease of Glass Balustrade Installation”

  1. Jennifer Stelling

    Please could you let me know the contact details of building partners who install the balconnets. I live in Darlington. Thanks

    1. Dear Jennifer. Thank you. We will contact you about choice of installers for your area.

  2. This project is now with the architects. Pls quote for glass balustraded balcony 3Mx1M…a..for local assembly. And. B) for you to supply and install.

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