Glass Wind Screens For Patios

Whether you are enjoying a garden, terrace or the views from a balcony, it is great to be outdoors – weather permitting. On breezier summer days (or indeed at any other time of the year), glass wind screens patios provide that extra protection from the elements when relaxing in your private outdoor space.

Patio Glass Balustrade

Glass terrace or balcony glass privacy screens are ideal for windswept outdoor spaces, allowing you to make better – and more comfortable – use of your outdoor area. Glass is an excellent choice, as it means you keep the views and it is virtually maintenance-free.

Whether your patio or terrace needs a balustrade for safety reasons, or simply to act as a windbreak, glass wind screens are the ideal low maintenance solution. Designed for outdoor use in all weathers, they are a popular choice, especially in coastal and exposed locations, due to their robust design, construction and corrosion-resistance.

Tinted Glass Balustrades

Glass wind screens for patios are versatile, aesthetically pleasing and ideal for all sorts of outdoor applications. For example, as a clear barrier around swimming pools, that all-important safety barrier for elevated terraces or to protect plants and garden users from prevailing winds.

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4 thoughts on “Glass Wind Screens For Patios”

    1. Hello Malcolm.
      Thanks for your question.
      The glass panels come as 1070mm in height as standard that sit within the 1125 height of the system overall.
      If privacy screens are required we supply glass up to 1800mm in height to fit within our Privacy Screen range

  1. Colin Prangley

    With above floor mounted posts on orbit system can to still use the 5mm spacers to raise the bottom rail to allow water to pass under.

    1. Hello Colin
      Thanks for your question.
      The 5mm spacers can still be used to raise the bottom rail of an Orbit system with established above floor mounted posts, so that water to pass underneath.

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