Large Juliet Balcony

Many self-build and architect-designed properties make use of beautifully large windows to enjoy expansive views and flood rooms with light. How wonderful then if you can open your windows or doors and enjoy the sense of openness that comes with a glass Juliet balcony. Taking very little space and needing no additional planning (although double-check, because different parts of the country have different regulations), a large glass Juliet balcony can set rooms apart, turning them into something extraordinary.

Juliet Glass Balcony

If you’re planning to fit a large Juliet balcony, you might be forgiven for thinking you’ll be restricted to metal balconies or balustrades with lots of thick, heavy-looking railings to add strength. But happily, you’d be wrong. With a large choice of off-the-shelf sizes and custom-designed glass Juliet balconies, we can supply you with a Juliet to fit an opening as wide as 3800mm; large enough to accommodate some substantial sliding or bi-fold doors.

Balconette offers a large sized Juliet balconies (3200mm, 3560mm and 4000mm) as ‘Fast Track’ Juliet sizes, meaning they are manufactured and ready for shipping in just 7 days from the placement of your order. Or you can build your own custom-sized Juliet balcony up to 4100mm wide with no vertical posts.

Frameless Juliet Balcony

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