Glass Solution Wow Factor Journey

Frameless Glass BalconyAs with all journeys there’s a simple order in which things need to happen to ensure you end up smiling – enjoying and having friends and family say “WOW”, when it’s all finished. There’s a saying that is used by some trades people “measure twice and cut once” which could be applied to this journey, which is make sure you’ve had all your questions answered at each step before moving to the next step.

It’s very unlikely anything will go wrong, because we help you every step of the way and there is extensive Balustrade / Juliet / Curved Door technical detail, installation documentation and instructions available on the website and you can email or call to get your question answered if you can’t find the answer anywhere else.

For some it’s simple – they know what they want and place their order, but if you’re reading this I doubt that applies to you.

The journey to the WOW factor

So, first off, you’ll need to have a quote, so assuming that’s been done what happens next?

Here are the steps:

  1. Check the quote has everything you need and that there aren’t any extras needed such as:
    1. Tinted glass.
    2. Self-cleaning glass coating.
  2. You’ll need to take measurements for the drawings to be created.
    1. Speak with a member of our team and they will walk you through taking the measurements – it’s simple enough, so no need to worry.
    2. If you have someone installing for you, ask them to take the measurements if needed. Get them to speak to us if anything is unclear.
  3. Once we have all the measurements we’ll create the drawings.
  4. The finished drawings will be sent to you so that you can do the final check before the order is placed into manufacturing.
  5. We will revise the drawings and details as many times as required to ensure they are right, at no additional cost.
  6. You sign off the drawings as correct and the order is placed for production.
  7. An estimated delivery date will be given.
  8. When complete, it will be shipped.
  9. During the time the order is placed and it arrives, do the following:
    1. If you’re doing it yourself make sure you download and read all relevant instructions.
      1. List out any questions you still have.
      2. Get your questions answered by telephone or email.
    2. If you have someone installing for you, download the technical info and installation instructions and pass them on.
    3. If you’re installing for someone and it’s your first time, download the technical info and installation instructions and read them through.
  10. Carry out the installation.
  11. Break out your favourite tipple and listen to the WOWs’ when people see what’s been done.
  12. Send in some photos or share them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag us in them!

If you are ready to order or have questions just give us a call at 01342 410411 – we look forward to hearing from you.

4 thoughts on “Glass Solution Wow Factor Journey”

  1. Hi Peter – we don’t have any registered installers in north Wales currently. The nearest that we have is in Manchester.

  2. donald taylor

    Dear sirs ,The reason I asked for a quote was that I really liked the simplicity of your design .However I live in Andalusia /Spain & wonder if it would be possible to purchase all the fittings /top rail etc & have my builder purchase the glass & fit on site .The glass would not be a problem but obviously the h/rail re transport would be as on measuring the longest section ,this is 4-5 metres long/can the sections slot together ?
    Regards Don Taylor

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