Taking Measurements For a Glass Balustrade Quote

What if I get the measurements wrong?

terrace glass railingDon’t worry, we don’t manufacture from estimated sizes, so worse case is that your quote will be incorrect. If you’re used to measuring, used to DIY, or work in a job where taking measurements is part of your role, the initial measurements will be easily done, as they don’t need to be super accurate.

Not used to taking measurements?

Ask a friend or call our friendly sales team who will explain what to do. It’s quite simple, you just need to measure the area being covered, so for a balcony, just measure the outside lengths and you’ll be good to go.

For a Juliet balcony, make sure you allow for the needed room for the fixings on either side of the opening – a minimum of 130mm is required on either side if fixing to brickwork but, if fitting to timber, it can be slightly less.

After the Quote

Once you’re ready to move forward our team will guide you through the steps for measuring out your exact requirements. Again, it’s not difficult and with our support, you’ll have no problems. Once the final specification is drawn up you will have ample opportunity to check and double check for peace of mind. Only after that you can sign it off and you’re ready to roll.

If you already have someone who’s going to install the system then they will be able to take the measurements for you.

Just Remember

We’re here to support you, so any questions just contact us.