Curved Glass Wall


Please note that due to a refocusing of business priorities and expansion of our balustrade business we no longer manufacture curved sliding doors (the Curvaglide® range).

We continue to offer support to previous buyers of our doors, and all documentation and installation guides are available in the pages linked here. We also continue to manufacture and supply curved glass balconies and balustrades.

For our existing Curved Door clients, should you need to contact us, please call 01342 410411, or email quoting your order details, and we will be back in touch.

Installing a curved glass wall in your property instantly creates a striking focal point that is as beautiful as it is practical. With elegant lines adding an air of sophistication, a curved glass wall also brings in more natural light to the interior room.

A curved glass wall concept can be adapted in a number of ways, depending on the use of a property. For example, the curved glass wall can become a large feature window or take the form of a curved glass sliding door allowing access to an outside patio or balcony.

Curved Glass Wall

Balconette can help you realise your vision of a beautiful curved glass wall with our proven range of Curvaglide® Curved Glass Sliding doors and windows. Manufactured to bespoke measurements to suit specific project requirements, these impressive premium products are guaranteed to start a talking point in any home.

Considering a curved glass wall for your home?

A curved glass wall will add a distinctive feature to your home, enhancing its space, natural light and overall appeal.

If a curved glass wall is on your ultimate wish list, why not call our expert team at Balconette to discuss how we can you realise your vision.

Curved Glass Balustrades

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