Loft balustrade on Islay

Balcony Systems delivers an inspired balustrade solution for a loft on Islay.

Boasting breath-taking views over the Atlantic Ocean, this uniquely-designed balustrade required input from Balcony Systems’ technicians to complete the installation on the West Coast of Scotland.

Clever balcony shape

For recently-retired David Webster, the clever shape of the balcony adds the finishing touch to his three-bedroomed, traditionally-styled property set on a quarter-acre plot next to the Bruichladdich Distillery on the malt whisky island of Islay.

“Two years ago, the site was a marshy, boggy field; but now the house is complete and the balcony is a real feature that was well worth doing,” explained Glasgow-based Dave, who eventually might move permanently to the island.

A key aspect of his ‘retirement project’ is the light interior to the first-floor master bedroom from the three vertical and sloping Velux windows. One window opens out to provide access to the balcony.

Clear decision

“The basic plan was to have metal railings, but I thought I can do better than that. I didn’t want to spoil the view with bars. So when an internet search revealed Balcony Systems and their range of glass balconies, my decision was clear,” continued Dave, a DIY enthusiast.

Ingenious balustrading solution

However the shape of the Velux windows called for an ingenious solution, devised by Balcony Systems, to secure the anodised aluminium handrail to the roof by drilling through the slates to the roof timbers. The result is a completely hidden fixing above the two 45-degree triangular glass side panels.

“Balcony devised the really bespoke solution for the handrail and all the components arrived on time and perfectly packaged,” added David. “The balcony was easy to install over a weekend and the glass really complements the Velux windows. “I’m very pleased, it looks great and the 45-degree brackets were perfect. Thanks for a great service!”

Roof balustrade
Clear Glass Balustrade
Roof Window Opening
Velux window
Before balustrade installation
Before balustrade installation
45-degree brackets and glass panels Frameless Glass Balustrade

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  1. Hello , what a fabulous design ! I am keen to see whether this is possible to be done on my property . Could I ask how much this cost you please ? Kindest regards Danielle

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