Balcony increasing high value sales

New opportunities for growth

Not surprisingly Window Energy Ratings (WER), U-values and the recent changes to Part L of building regulations have received a huge amount of attention in the window press recently. Not so long ago WERs were a niche market – and a nice little earner for switched-on installers. WERs enabled installers (and still do) to distinguish themselves from their rivals by offering the choice of a better, more advanced product to homeowners who want and are prepared to pay for the best. But WERs are now becoming increasingly mainstream. Now the same switched-on installers are looking for new innovations to open untapped markets.

Targeting the margins

One such opportunity lies in glass balconies, balustrades and curved patio doors. Demand in this sector has been fuelled by the huge popularity of shows such as Grand Designs which consistently bang home the message that great design adds personality and significant value to a home. Balcony’s range has been designed to meet the demands of customers who want more than ‘ordinary’ and better than ‘standard’. Margins at this end of the market are better than anywhere else – and with Balcony’s products installers can start to target them.

Easy to install, backed by comprehensive support, Balcony Systems’ stunning and innovative range of balconies, balustrades and curved patio doors are a fantastic opportunity to increase high value sales. Balcony is currently looking for quality window and conservatory companies to join its national network of dealers and to serve this exciting growth market.