Glass Balustrades Panels

How do you determine the number of panels to divide a run of balustrade into?

We get asked how we determine the quantity of panels to make a run of balustrade from.

Divide each run into equal panel sizes

We usually divide each run, or space between posts, into equal panel sizes. And normally we aim for a maximum panel width of 1.2 metres.

Maximum panel size of 1.2m

The reasons we don’t like to have larger panels are mainly to do with transportation and installation. 1.2m panels are practical for handling and transport. Transporting, carrying, installing, or in future ever replacing a glass panel, is much easier if you can handle it easily. Carrying larger panes upstairs or around tight corners can prove difficult.

We can provide larger glass panels, but issues like carrying glass upstairs and round tight corners must be considered. It’s not that larger panels can’t be used, and we do supply larger panels. But one must take into consideration transport, handling and logistical issues. This is why we normally design balustrades for panels to be a maximum of 1.2 metres wide.