Glass Balustrade Corners

How are the corners joined?

We get asked a lot, how are the handrail corners joined together?

An internal corner bracket is screwed to the handrail with screwed plate and pan to covered plate. The handrail corners are fixed together mechanically by way of an internal corner bracket premade to the correct angle.  Each side of the handrail is screwed into the plate through the prefabricated holes on the handrail ends. On the Balcony 2 system it is then hidden by a cover plate.

It is hidden by a cover plate?

Between the two rails, we have something we’ve developed called the mitre protection plate.

Using a mitre protection plate

By using a mitre protection plate we can create a clean smooth corner with no sharp edges. This protects the corners so once they rails are joined it’s smooth to the hand with no sharp edges. It looks like a fillet weld, and gives a clean tidy finish.

Different corners in different angles

Corners can be made in the same way for most angles, not just 900. Corners can be made to suit most angles, and both the handrail joining bracket and the mitre protection plates are each prefabricated to suit the correct required angle.