Composite Decking Material

What is Composite Decking Material?

Golden Oak Composite DeckingStrong and durable, Balconette Composite Decking looks just like wood, but is a modern, low maintenance and eco-friendly alternative to traditional timber decking. This new generation of external composite decking material is made from a unique polyurethane and mineral blend that lasts a long time, yet requires minimal maintenance.

The system is moulded with the appearance of natural prime oak boards. Each board is then hand-coloured to exactly replicate the detail of natural timber, so no two boards look the same – just like the real thing.

It’s also available in a variety of finishes and colours, so suitable for all types of locations and settings. So if you’re considering installing composite decking in your next project, here are some key points to consider.

Composite Decking is so Versatile

Our composite decking material has been developed using the latest technology that offers many advantages over natural wood. This has opened up even greater choice in where you can use this attractive external flooring that adds an inviting and eye-catching feature to any property.

Ideal for either residential or commercial use, choosing composite decking material over wood comes with a built-in safety feature – a non-slip surface. This is an important factor to consider, for example with children, the elderly, or Health and Safety issues in public areas.

Composite decking from Balconette makes the perfect partner for patios, balconies or roof terraces, as many of our customers can testify. When paired with our glass balustrading on external balconies, you can sit back and enjoy the view without having to worry about time-consuming and costly maintenance!

Balconette’s composite decking material also performs well in many other types of building or renovation projects such as:

  • External flooring for public recreational areas
  • Verandas, decks and porches for holiday chalets or lodges
  • Jetties and boardwalks by swimming pools, rivers, ponds or lakes
  • Marina pontoons
  • Educational buildings, parks and play areas

Composite Decking Material

Advantages of Composite Decking Material

Highly-engineered from a polyurethane and mineral blend, Balconette’s composite decking material is a 21st-century alternative to natural wood decking.

As a safer and low-maintenance substitute for wood, composite decking makes an attractive, decorative and practical solution for many different types of applications.

Light-weight and easy to install, it offers many advantages such as:

  • Resistance to rot, warping or cracking
  • The tough and durable slip-resistant surface is easy to clean
  • Robust finish that does not easily mark, scratch or stain
  • UV stability, so no fading or weathering from ultraviolet light
  • No cracks that can trap dirt or encourage mould and algae growth
  • Resistance to the elements makes it ideal for harsher coastal climates

Long Guarantee on Composite Decking

With its superior durability and long lifespan, we have confidence in the quality of our composite decking material. Our 25-year residential guarantee gives you peace of mind that your deck will continue to look good and last a long time.

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Composite Decking