Composite Decking Fixing

Why the Best Composite Decking Fixings are a Hidden Secret

Composite Decking FixingFitting your composite decking is exciting. It will be just a matter of time before you’re sitting on it enjoying a well-earned mug of coffee. Fitting Balconette’s extensive range of composite decking means you’ll benefit from more than just good looks, a realistic wood-effect and a long-lasting resilient surface. Because in addition to this, the Balconette range of composite decking has a hidden secret you’ll love.

The secret is in the fixings and how they work with the high-tech finish of Balconette’s composite decking.

Unique Self-Drilling Screws

Using Balconette’s unique self-drilling screws makes fitting your decking so much easier. Simply screw them into place, ensuring you drill them deeper than the surface of the decking. The upper surface of the decking “heals” itself over the top of the screw, leaving it invisible!

You won’t need to pre-drill or countersink your screws – saving you a huge amount of time and effort when fitting your decking. It’s incredible, but using these specially designed screws means:

  • Faster, easier construction of your decking; you don’t need to spend time pre-drilling or countersinking.
  • Easier fixing because of the wax lubrication on each screw.
  • No holes to plug because the screw head disappears below the surface of the decking.
  • Easier tightening with more grip and power and no danger of snapping heads thanks to the Torx drive drill bit provided in each pack of screws.
  • A long-lasting, rust-free and strong construction thanks to the stainless-steel material.

Decking Fixing

Using Our Composite Decking Fixings

To get the best results from our self-drilling screws, it’s best to screw the heads to 5mm below the decking surface. The top polymer surface of the decking closes up again, hiding the screw which is now lying just beneath the surface. The hole, which is almost invisible, needs no filling.

To ensure your decking boards are securely fixed we recommend you fix through the top of the board. This creates a more stable overall structure, keeping the boards safely anchored. We recommend two screws per board per joist, or three screws per joist in the case of wider boards.

Composite Decking Fixings that Look Good!

Good-looking fixings aren’t something people tend to talk about – especially not with composite decking. But our self-drilling screws give you the chance to do just that. Hidden beneath the surface of your decking; they’re invisible – we sometimes refer to them as “ghost fixings” because you know they’re there, but no-one can see them! And the benefits of this are easy to see.

You’ll have a surface that looks clear, and won’t need to worry about poorly inserted screws catching on furniture or feet, causing damage or injury. Which is just what you need if you like to walk barefoot on your decking, or if you have young children or pets using your new surface.

Composite Decking Screws

A Trouble-Free Solution to Composite Decking Fixings

To make fitting your composite decking fast and easy, you simply need to head over to our online store and add Ghost Fixing Screws to your basket. Each pack comes complete with one Torx drill bit, saving you the effort of finding a compatible bit.

Enjoy fitting your new decking. With these fixings on your side, you’ll be done before you know it!

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