Can You Have Post-less Balcony Systems?

Post-less balconies

Our balcony system balustrades ae unique in the fact that this is the only system around that can enable postless balconies without using structural glass. Utilising the strength of the handrail the systems can span as much as 4.0m without posts. In theory you can have an endless run of balcony without posts if you do not surpass the maximum lenths the handrail can span and fix them to the walls.

Balcony Wall Fixings

When are posts required?

Once we surpass the maximum lengths the handrails can support, or if the handrail cannot be fixed to the walls, we introduce posts.  There is a limit to the strength of the handrail and when this limit is reached we must have posts.

Wide spans between posts

The Balcony System balustrade allows for wide spans between posts, up to 2.1m apart and does not require any corner posts, allowing for clear corners which enhance the light look of the balcony.

See this video for a clear explanation on how the posts work:

Unique posts

When we go on and we speak about the subject of posts with our system, again we introduce a novelty where we combine a very strong base post with a sleek and nice system post which covers it. So our posts are a combination of a steel structural post which can be installed at an early stage in the installation and that is fixed to the structure, base or balcony.

Early installation

We refer to this post in several terms, all meaning the same. Primary post, spigot post, base post, steel post etc. This primary post has to be solidly fixed, welded, bolted, diamond drilled (or any other known method) to the structure of the building, balcony frame etc. This is usually done at the first stage and, after everything is finished, our system aluminium posts will slide on top of the primary post and hide it.

The reason we recommend to install the posts at the initial stage is also because this will allow hiding the base plate under the finished floor level. The aluminium cover post does NOT cover or hide the base plate. The aluminium post is what fixes to the handrail.

On occasion when the base plate cannot be hidden we can provide base plate covers in the royal chrome finish.

Points of Support


The moment that the balcony handrail or span exceeds the maximum allowable span without posts, then we are structurally required to introduce posts. When we add these posts these now become the limiting factor and the post strength is what will now govern the maximum distances posts can be apart.

For more information on maximum spans of the Balcony 1and 2 systems, post distances and limitations see these two videos:

Balcony 1 System Parameters

Balcony 2 System Parameters

Can You Have Post-less Balcony Systems? >

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  1. Hi we are looking for a price for 3 sided balcony 2 meters x 6 meters . We have watched the video and understand that we will need the post system . We would like clear glass . Could you also provide contact for local supplier to fit . We live in Cumbria postcode ca174ej

    1. Hi Debi. Thank you for your message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

  2. Can your post less balustrade be fitted to composite decking with just the floor fitting

    1. Depending on the dimensions and configuration of your balcony, it is possible to supply a postless balustrade that can be fitted to composite decking. Please call our sales team on 01342-410411 to speak to one of our specialists who will be able to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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