Glass Systems – The Next Big Opportunity

Effi Wolff, Managing Director of Balcony Systems Ltd, says curved patio doors, balustrades and Juliette balconies transform properties. They’re the next big selling opportunity for installers.

For most of its history the window market has been driven by need, the need to replace rotting, rattling, draughty, often unsightly windows. But once most of the windows that could be replaced had been replaced with more modern windows that did the job and better, the focus has been on wants rather than needs. No one is going to replace existing windows that perform unless what they are offered is a whole lot better in a more enticing way.

But this is part of a much bigger change in the market, and part of a long term shift. With the focus firmly on the sort of improvements that people desire and dream about, a whole new generation of desirable products has emerged. Energy saving and security are still vitally important, but they don’t get the pulse racing in quite the same the way a great conservatory, or a bi-folding door will do.

Selling products that people dream about and drool over is very different from selling products that satisfy a basic need. And it’s a lot more fun talking about people’s dreams than ticking the utility boxes of need. This change has given the market, or those installers who have jumped at the opportunity, another lease of life and a means to increase sales and margins.

Satisfy the ‘want’, win sales

Real growth potential is in products that homeowners want because they can see the possibility of transforming their property, and releasing the value within. For example, conservatories add living space and value to the home with the potential to change homeowners’ lives by adding a dining room, a study or a playroom for the kids for example. The real benefit of course is in being able to entertain more and properly, in being able to work at home or keep the kids happy and safe without impinging on the rest of the family. Bi-fold doors are an emerging niche market that expands the potential of conservatories and transforms ordinary rooms into living spaces with an edge, creating both the look and the lifestyle that homeowners want.

That’s what we see people doing with our balustrades, curved glass doors and Juliette balconies. They transform ordinary houses into buildings with a ‘wow’ factor. At a time where most companies have to pedal faster just to stay in the same spot, Balcony is growing fast. Why? Because homeowners, architects and developers can see what our products have done to both new and existing properties and they want to transform their properties too. Our Juliette balconies, for example, give homeowners the opportunity to install a patio or French door above the ground floor to flood their rooms with light and create an unimpeded view from the home in complete safety. Either curved or straight, they come with a minimal hand rail for a modern look. Available in seven standard sizes from stock and competitively priced, our Juliette balconies are an attractive and popular choice for consumers wishing to make their home stand out and create a different ambience in their home.

But why stop there? Installing balustrades around the home, in the home or even in the garden to enclose a paved patio or decking area, adds a really high-end, classy look to a building inside and out. Custom made to suit the style and size of property and available in a curved, straight or stepped design, balustrades add character and fantastic style to homes. And with our systems there are no clamps between each pane of glass to distract the eye, and the glass reaches top to bottom to give a neater and clearer view.

Selling the ‘Wow’ factor

If balustrades add class, then curved patio doors take it to another level. Balcony is the UK’s leading supplier of curved patio doors and homeowners, builders, installers and architects say our stunning range is breathtaking. Most just say they give properties the ‘wow’ factor. Curved patio doors add space to a room because of the outward curve and they create real kerb appeal. More than that though, they transform a building. Most products, however attractive, simply add to what’s there. Curved patio doors transform a property because they are the first thing people notice and they extend its capabilities.

Each of our products expands the potential of a home, and adds considerable value to what installers can sell to homeowners. They transform new and existing buildings and instil a touch of magic to houses and apartments so they stand out with a unique style and look. Our complete range is easy and straight forward to install and comes with a 10 year guarantee. The material is anodised aluminium as opposed to stainless steal so it is harder wearing, durable and doesn’t corrode – a key consideration in coastal areas or marine environments.

Our products are a hit with homeowners and a hit with installers, and we’re expanding nationwide and looking for new dealers and registered installers. So, if you are looking for your next big sales opportunity, think ‘wants’, have a look at the possibilities at or give us a call on 01342 410 411.