T-shaped Juliet Balcony in Cumbria

Assistance from Balconette’s technical team on the design and installation of this distinctive T-shaped Glass Juliet balcony enabled Shawn Reed to fit it himself and maximise enjoyment of countryside views from his home near Brampton, Cumbria.

T-shaped Glass Juliet balcony

The custom Orbit Mirror style Juliet balcony protects the first-floor French Doors in a new extension with stunning views towards Scotland. This unique Mirror system utilises a 70mm diameter circular handrail which is side-fixed with brackets top and bottom, either side of the opening. Due to the windows on either side, the top rail measures 3.15m spanning the aperture, while the bottom rail is a shorter 1.91m in width. Both rails are finished in a corrosion-resistant white powder-coating.

When designing the extension, the couple wanted French Doors and windows either side to make the most of the views and increase natural light. Keen to avoid a ‘traditional wrought iron type balcony’ that would obstruct the view, Shawn researched glass balcony options that also offered the benefit of lower maintenance in the future.

Juliet Balcony for French Doors

He says: “I liked the Balconette product, and it was reasonably-priced. There were also lots of pictures that helped guide my decision, although there was nothing that looked like what I was planning. So, aware of the unusual shape, and being an engineer, I thought I would have to modify the Balconette product to suit my own needs.”

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