Sea more with Balcony Systems

Renew, replace and refurbish are the three Rs in the UKs self build market. With house prices stangnant refurbishing your home is the trend.

Replacing an old wrought iron balcony with a glass and aluminium one from Balcony Systems has not only given Ivan Starkey clear sea views with much lower maintenance; it’s also helped to cure his leaking flat roof.

Aluminum and glass balcony

Fixed down with stainless steel brackets and with no clamps to spoil the view, the new 20 metre-long balcony at his Leigh-on-Sea home makes the most of coastal vistas from two living rooms.

Mr. Starkey says: “The old wrought iron balcony’s upright supports were screwed to the roof joists and eventually caused water penetration through hairline gaps. Installing a new balcony has solved this problem.

Ivan adds: “I like everything about the Balcony Systems product; clarity, very light, very nice and so easy to keep clean. There’s no maintenance – an essential factor when living next to the sea – as the balustrade resists the corrosive effects of salt. The service was absolutely fantastic too; I would certainly recommend the company.”