Pool Glass Fencing

Whether you’re a year-round swimmer or a warm-weather dipper-inner, keeping your outside pool or hot-tub at its best and safest is an ongoing commitment. Investing in quality pool fencing gives you peace of mind but can detract from the beauty of your pool and garden. Install pool glass fencing however, and you’ll avoid many of the problems associated with other pool enclosures.

Pool Glass Fencing

Safe and secure pool glass fencing

Secure, safe and attractive, glass pool fencing keeps small children safely away from the water whilst letting you enjoy your pool from a distance. What’s more, the glass panels mean easy visibility so you can see if a child has managed to get into the area directly around your pool. Glass fencing is also a great choice if you have water-loving pets. You get to decide when – and indeed whether – your water-loving pup or puss gets to take a swim.

Attractive pool fencing

Love your garden? Then you’ll want to enjoy looking at all of it. And that’s the beauty of installing glass pool fencing. Because rather than creating a barrier that interrupts the flow of your grounds, glass lets you enjoy an uninterrupted view across your garden.

Glass Fencing for Pool

Glass fencing around your pool also lets you enjoy time with your family in the garden even if some of you are in the pool or hot tub and others aren’t. It’s perfect for parties or larger gatherings as well as quieter times with your close family. Pool glass fencing helps everyone see each other with ease and means no-one feels left out.

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