Opportunities for window companies

Balcony’s innovative products offer exciting opportunities for window companies looking for new revenue streams.

“Being a dealer for Balcony has added around £250,000 a year to our turnover.”

Real growth potential for window companies

We all know times have been difficult recently for the window industry. Once old, rotting  timber windows were replaced by modern, efficient PVC-U installations, there was little need for customers to upgrade. Windows and patio doors replaced 20 years ago are still doing the job, so why change? Many companies have had to paddle harder just to keep afloat, yet Balcony Systems has increased sales in the first quarter of 2010, up 26% in volume and 39% in value on the same period last year.

How? Call it the ‘Grand Designs’ effect. The customer now wants something more than a door or window to keep the heat in and the weather out. By offering products such as curved patio doors, stylish balustrades or Juliette balconies, Balcony can help transform a home from ordinary to amazing, without major structural upheaval. Real growth potential lies in products that homeowners can see will add value and style to their property.

Become part of the success

All three of our main products expand the potential for window and conservatory companies to add a magic attraction to their offer to homeowners. And it is simple to apply to become a Registered Installer or Dealer for Balcony – many installers are now looking at becoming dealers as the quality of the products, their ease of installation and the back-up from Balcony offers considerable potential to increase high value sales. With such a dazzling product offering it’s not a proposition that will suit all installers but all you have to do is visit our website and fill out the relevant form – Balcony will take it from there. Balcony can provide help and support with samples, advertising and marketing materials.

being Balcony’s agent and dealer

Pallot Windows Ltd in Jersey is already benefitting from being Balcony’s agent and dealer on the island. Established in 1954 and well known on Jersey as a reputable installer of glazing systems, curtain walling and structural glazing, the company has been an agent for Balcony for more than five years.

The relationship has been mutually beneficial. Pallot generates demand by press and TV advertising, and Balcony refers all Jersey based enquiries to Pallot. Paul Bourke, a Director of Pallot, has several reasons to be happy with the situation. “Balcony’s products have proved very suitable for us – minimal use of upright posts and glass to glass corner details make them a perfect match for customers wanting to make the most of the wonderful views here. The products are straightforward to install and the staff are always helpful. Being a dealer for Balcony has added around £250,000 a year to our turnover.”

Feel free to contact us and see how your company can benefit from Balcony’s products.