Newly Refurbished Balconies by Balcony Systems

More than 217 metres of glass balustrading supplied by Balcony Systems has transformed this apartment block following the completion of a major refurbishment project, Cardinal Court in Worthing. It took the residents two years of painstaking research into the specification of their new balustrading.

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Tony Foster, Chairman of the residents’ management committee, said the old balustrades, constructed of a concrete ‘shell’ with a half inset glazed panel to the front, were getting ‘tatty’ and needed upgrading.

“These balustrades had to be painted every four to five years and as scaffolding was required to do this job, it was getting expensive,” he explained. “Initially we were just going to get them refurbished and have new glass panels inserted.”

Before the refurbishment

After the refurbishment


Renata from Woodmans construction said: “The new balustrading is sharp, modern and the tinted bronze glass really blends with the brickwork. It looks really nice and lifts the building entirely; the clients are really pleased!”

Tony Foster, Chairman of the residents’ management committee added: “Everything has been very good and very positive. The balconies have been well-received and we are pleased with the result. Even residents in neighbouring blocks have expressed interest, having seen the scaffolding and watched the project progress to completion.”