Making the most of the view

How often do you find that the best view in the home is from the first floor? New developments often take this into account, positioning living rooms upstairs to make the most of the outlook.

If it isn’t convenient to do that, full-length windows in the bedrooms add space and light. Of course they should be energy efficient and secure but they need to look good too. What could be better than to sit gazing at the beautiful view, basking in sunshine and enjoying the gentle breeze? Okay, the last two might be hard to come by in the UK but at least it is easy to make the most of the view.

Enhancing buildings

Floor to ceiling patio, French  doors are an increasingly popular fixture in both old and new properties. But doors are meant to open and offering safe enjoyment of the view on the first floor and above, the light and fresh air, Balcony’s versatile clear glass Juliette balconies are the perfect solution for self-builders, developers and home-improvers.  Whether it’s one balcony in a private house or apartment or a combination of balconies, balustrades and patio doors in a new development, Balcony’s easy to fit products enhance buildings.