Maintenance of Your Glass System

terrace glass balustradeYour Juliet balcony, glass balustrade or curved doors will not only get noticed, generating compliments from friends and family when first installed, but will continue to do so for many years to come. What you purchase in terms of any coatings on the glass will impact the amount of work needed to maintain that new look, but more on that later.

The Guarantee

Let’s start with the railing. Traditional Stainless steel, although resistive, will tarnish over time and a quick search on Google for “how to remove tarnish from Stainless steel” will show it’s an issue with all things Stainless steel. If you have wrought iron or wooden balustrades, then painting is a must on a regular basis if they are to stay looking good over the years to come.

Our glass balustrades require no such maintenance and we have resolved the railing problem with the use of anodised coatings that only need soap and water to clean them. In fact, we’re so confident, we offer a 10-year guarantee on the anodised finishes, even in coastal locations.

Abrasive cleaning

Simple – don’t use any abrasive cleaning materials or chemicals on the rails as they don’t need it. The coating just needs simple soap, water and a sponge to keep it clean. This applies to all the coatings no matter the type or colour.

Keeping the Glass Clean

Again, this is very simple to do, but choices made when you purchase will influence the amount of work required to maintain the new look. The product doesn’t take much cleaning but, if it’s going to be awkward to reach once installed, you may want to consider ‘self-cleaning glass’.

Ok, so let’s be honest, it’s not truly self-cleaning but it prevents dirt sticking to the glass to the degree that it can reduce cleaning from 50 to 90% depending on location. The coating can be added to the glass before shipping or you can purchase the sachets and apply it yourself. Having it applied before shipping is ideal if the installation is high up or in a hard to reach position.

This video gives more information on how it works:

No more Painting

Wooden, steel or wrought iron balustrades take a lot of upkeep as they need painting on a regular basis to maintain their look over time. This can be costly both in time and money, which could be better spent on more enjoyable activities.

General maintenance

As with all things, a small amount of cleaning will go a long way in maintaining good looks. But, if you’re looking for a minimal maintenance system which has, by design, been made easy to keep clean, we think you’ll find our product range hard to beat.