Link to your online quotation

As part of our ongoing effort to improve the ease of use and the overall user experience on our website we are happy to announce that from now on when you get an online quotation on our website the quotation will be saved and you will be able to link direct to this quotation.

Direct link

This link to the quotation can be foung at your quotaion page. You can copy and pasted it on to any internet page or on the favourites or bookmarks in your browser.

With this link you can:

  • Return when you like to view this quotation
  • Send this link to your quote to anyone you wish to share this with

Quick save to facebook or Google bookmarks

Also you can now save Your quot to your Google favourites or to your Facebook page and all this with just one click from the quote page.

As always we are happy to do what we can  to improve the surfing experience and shopping experience for our customers on our website.

Please do not hesitate to offer us any new ideas or improvement suggestions – we are always happy to receive these and promise to take mind of these in professional and caring manner.