Juliette Balcony or Julienne Balcony?

Should it be named a “Julienne Balcony” or a “Juliette Balcony”?

As a response to one of my emails I recently received a reply from Mr. Geoffrey Tyson MRICS Chartered Building Surveyor – Mr. Tyson was adamant that we have it wrong; and that what we are calling “Juliette” balconies should actually be named “Julienne” balconies.

Juliette Balcony or Julienne Balcony?

He went on to explain “Juliet, of Romeo and Juliet, stood on a full-depth balcony. Even if she did just open her door (inwards) and stood on a very shallow balcony, known as a Julienne balcony – that still does not make shallow balconies into Juliet balconies. Although, I suppose that one could have a Juliet-Julienne balcony if one is particular”.

Explaining the source of the word “Julienne” Mr. Tyson wrote “Julienne, on the other hand, comes from the French word meaning very thin, like thinly sliced carrots. Hence, Julienne carrots. The very shallow balconies that you depict on your website as Juliet balconies are in fact Julienne balconies.”

Subsequently I wrote back to Mr. Tyson and explained that the term “Juliet Balcony” or “Juliette Balcony” has grown to be a term commonly used for these types of balconies and that if we actually referred to them as “Julienne” Balconies no one would know what we were talking about.

I did however ask Mr. Tyson permission to post this on our blog and possibly ask the opinions of our contacts and see what they thought,  if it should be “Julienne” or “Juliette”. We are both intrigued as to what the results may be?

So Juliet or Julienne?

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Effi Wolff
Managing Director
Balcony Systems Solutions Ltd