Interior Juliet Balcony

An interior Juliet balcony makes a stylish, practical and affordable addition to any home. The minimalist design of a glass Juliet balcony makes it a great choice for bringing in more natural light and enhancing views without taking up much space.

What to consider with an Interior Juliet balcony?

When paired with sliding or French Doors on upper floor rooms, a modern Juliet balcony provides the necessary safety barrier when the doors are open to increase ventilation. If you are considering an interior Juliet balcony, here are some ideas to inspire you.

Interior Juliet Balcony

Let in the light

An interior Juliet balcony with glass panels can really enhance the light levels within your home, bringing in more natural light and brightening up rooms, whatever their size. And the great news is that a custom size glass interior Juliet balcony can be achieved up to 4100mm wide without posts.

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