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• Monday, December 11th, 2017

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Point Resolution Bridge – Glass Balustrades and Textured Concrete

auckland glass bridgeGlass balustrades today can be incredibly exciting! Point Resolution Bridge in New Zealand is a case in point. Completed in 2013, it was designed by architectural firm Warren and Mahoney. This is a wonderful example of using the strength of glass to create a sculptured piece of architecture, which is used as a walking bridge and connects the Parnell baths with the headland of Point Resolution/Taurana in New Zealand. Wrapped in a steel exoskeleton with etched concrete and glass details, this lovely bridge appears to float, while providing pedestrians with an extraordinary view.

This marvelous bridge along Auckland’s waterfront is a very innovative and fresh approach to using toughened glass in a waterfront setting.

Glass Balustrades Today in High Rise Luxury Apartments Along the River Trent

Glass balustrades in today’s world can be spectacular when used in a modern setting. We are very proud to be able to present our own curved balcony and glass balustrades in the River Crescent project in Nottingham, designed by architects, Franklin Ellis. This riverside property was completed in 2008.

nottingham trent glass balustrade

More information about this project can be viewed here.

Working With the Architects and Developers to Create Bespoke Balustrades

Glass balustrades today or tomorrow can be very different from what they were yesterday, depending on what is needed and requested by our clients. We have been known to innovate an entirely new type of glass balcony, as they are sometimes called, to fit the budget and vision of the architect and assist the developer to save a lot of time and money while giving the architect what he originally wanted and at an affordable price.

Unique Glass Balustrades Used Today >

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