self cleaning glass juliet balcony

• Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Glass Juliet Balconies now cost less than traditional steel ones!

Costing from just £178, elegant Glass Juliet balconies from Balcony Systems are one of the most affordable, durable and beautiful balustrading solutions on the market today.

Good-looking and simple to install, the low-maintenance glass and aluminium Juliet balconies are corrosion-resistant and an ideal choice for harsh coastal or city environments. Clear glass panels without unsightly clamps retain views to the outside and maximise light to the inside.

Reduced cleaning cycles

Adding an optional self-cleaning double-sided glass coating option further enhances the low-maintenance benefits by repelling rainwater, dirt or salt deposits faster to keep the balcony looking cleaner for longer. This dramatically reduces cleaning cycles and eliminates the need for use of chemical cleaning agents. An occasional wipe down with a wet cloth does the job.

28 standard models

Balcony Systems’ Juliet balcony range features 28 different standard models in sizes from 1,280mm up to 2,840mm. Handrails are available in four attractive finishes; white, silver, bronze and the shiny Royal Chrome that replicates the look of stainless steel.

Laminated or toughened glass, plus a choice of tinted shades, can also be specified. Bespoke sizes and colours can be supplied for bulk orders to suit any client specification and budget.

“Glass balconies need not be expensive, as shown with our proven system costing under £200,” says Managing Director Effi Wolff. “As there’s no need for regular painting or repairs, they also work out cheaper over their lifetimes compared to alternative balustrading materials.”

For more details on Balcony’s range of Juliette balconies, including online quotations, check out our online shop.

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• Sunday, July 25th, 2010


We have again lifted the industry standards with our latest evolution of self cleaning glass coating.

We have announced that for a promotional period – ALL of our standard juliet balconies that we keep in stock,  28 different models, will from now be supplied with our unique self cleaning glass coating at NO extra cost.

This coating is a unique hydrophobic totally clear coating that makes the glass super smooth, scratch resistant and adds brilliance. The coating is applied to BOTH sides of the glass and so helps the cleaning inside as well as out!

Environment friendly

This coating is truly eco-friendly. In a manner of speaking, water and rain does the cleaning for you, so it’s more hygienic and with fewer bacteria there’s less need for harsh chemical cleaners – which is kind to the environment and to the customers pocket.

While the coating dramatically reduce the cleaning requirements of treated surfaces, just like high quality Teflon® – coated cooking pans – some cleaning and maintenance is required to ensure on-going performance.

Self cleaning glass now for free

We have identified this as a very important requirement by our clients and have decided that on the standard Juliets we will give this added benefit for free. This special self clean glass coating is also available for all of our other products, namely glass railings, glass balustrades, curved glass doors and curved sliding doors.

Read more technical information on the self cleaning glass coating.

We expect this promotion to run till the end of October 2010.