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Curved Balustrades

• Sunday, July 16th, 2017

As you may or may not have seen, a sense of humour is alive and well here at Balconette. If you’ve not watched our BalcoNans in action, now’s your chance.


• Sunday, July 16th, 2017

Bedroom with Juliet BalconyWhether you’re installing a Juliet balcony, which can be fitted as soon as it arrives, or a balustrade for a balcony, which has yet to be built, being able to plan when various parts arrive is important.

Here is an outline of what you can expect, although a more accurate time can be provided at the point of order.


• Sunday, February 19th, 2017

Are your system structural glass balustrades?

Due to the fact that many of our systems are installed without the use of posts, we get asked if the Balconette system is a structural glass balustrade. The answer is no. It’s a hybrid system. A Structural glass balustrade means that the glass itself acts as the structure, and resists outward forces by being cantilevered from the ground.


• Thursday, February 16th, 2017

What are the handrail systems made from?

We get asked are the handrails made of stainless steel? The answer is no, they are made from something better than stainless steel. They are made from anodised aluminium. Stainless steel is correctly named in that it stains less, but anodised aluminium is actually more corrosion-resistant, and that’s why we use it.


• Thursday, February 09th, 2017

How are the corners joined?

We get asked a lot, how are the handrail corners joined together?

An internal corner bracket is screwed to the handrail with screwed plate and pan to covered plate. The handrail corners are fixed together mechanically by way of an internal corner bracket premade to the correct angle.  Each side of the handrail is screwed into the plate through the prefabricated holes on the handrail ends. On the Balcony 2 system it is then hidden by a cover plate.


• Thursday, May 15th, 2014

We are excited to announce that our 2014 Photo Competition is officially open! We are looking for some stunning photos of your products from Balcony Systems and if you would like the chance to win some fantastic prizes, why not take part?


1st place prize:  £500 in cash

2nd place prize for three lucky runners up will receive £200 cash each!

The First 20 fully qualifying entries will receive a complementary pack of five BalcoNano®  Sachets worth £22.80

How to enter the competition and qualify for the complementary sachets…

1. Take some good digital photos (Useful tips below)

2. Send us an email to with:

*4-8 high resolution images showing your installed products with or without people (each image must be no smaller than 2MB if possible)

*Your full name & address

* A brief description of your project, when it was installed/completed plus any interesting information about your product/project or location.

3. Write a review on our website of your product if you haven’t already done so this will only take a minute.


We will be sharing some of the interesting entries on our Facebook page and tweeting as the competition progresses. If you use Facebook we would love if you take a look at our Facebook page and like us so you can see these…

Our Facebook page can be found here:

Useful Tips on getting a winning photograph

* We suggest that you take your photos with a good quality camera so that you can get the highest possible resolution images (no smaller than 2MB) The higher the better! If it means sending your photos in separate emails as they are too big, make sure you mention this in the first email you send.

* We also suggest that you dress your balconies/ products appropriately or remove unsightly items from the scene where possible. Add people or animals or props….be creative

* The best photos are taken on a sunny day so try to show your products off with blue skies and sun!

* Make sure the light is behind you and you do not photo into the light.

* Panoramic photos are great if taken with a good camera


Entering into the competition means you are happy with our competition T&Cs, so please take a read through them to make sure you are happy with them. To see our terms and conditions click here

We will assume that you have read and are happy with these before entering.

If you would like to stay in touch and see updates of how the competition is flowing please see our social media pages



Competition closes 31/12/2014

GOOD LUCK! – Oh and one last thing, below is last years winner!

Balcony photo competition 2013

• Sunday, December 08th, 2013

Balcony Systems delivers an inspiring set of doors to a 300 year old cottage in Nottinghamshire.

One of Balcony’s largest curved glass patio doors installed in the UK made up of a combination of four movable (sliding) and four fixed doors, the doors make a truly impressive statement and demonstrate a spectacular appeal.

Enclosing just over a semi circle (210 degrees) of curved glass and measuring ten metres in length the doors flood the living room extension with light from all sides. They were installed as a part of an extensive renovation to the 300-year-old property, which now comprises three former farmworkers’ cottages in one.

The doors are finished with a RAL 7038 Agate Grey powder coating. The circular shape was originally designed with wooden uprights, but the plans changed once the owners, David and Lynn Walton from Nottinghamshire, saw Balcony’s glass curved patio doors at the Grand Designs Live exhibition.

Making the most of the garden view

“It certainly achieves what we wanted; that is to make the most of views to the garden and we have brought the garden into our home,” said David. “The door is a focal point in the living room where it forms an entire wall at one end. It’s so striking and everyone likes it!”

“Now we have fitted the decking the curved patio door really comes into its own. It is never too hot or too sunny and the pleasure of the panoramic view of the garden cannot be over emphasised.”

Curved Glass Doors
Curved Sliding DoorsCurved Glass
Bedroom design

The price was right

“The price was right – and quite competitive – for what is a totally bespoke job,” added David. “The door is so dramatic and there really is nothing quite like it on the UK market.”

Curved door configurations

A great many options and combinations of fixed and sliding doors are available. Balcony Systems offer an installation service as well as the option to buy and install yourself.

2 sections curved doors 3 sections curved doors 3 sections curved glass doors
6 sections curved doors 6 sections curved doors 8 sections curved glass doors

More pictures from the Nottinghamshire project

10 Metre Nottinghamshire Curved Doors

kitchen design Curved Glass Doors
Living room windows Bathroom
• Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

Self-installed by John Sharp, this stunning glass balcony supplied by Balcony Systems does full justice to fabulous south-facing views from his East Ayrshire bungalow.

John, a retired valuation surveyor, found fitting the 17 metre-long curved and straight balustrade at his extensively-renovated 1930s Newmilns property was a relatively straightforward job.

“It’s a technically competent design and what’s great about the Balcony Systems’ balustrade is that you can’t see any fixings,” continues John. “Once the posts were welded in position, the Chrome handrail fitted well and I am absolutely delighted with the result. The balcony is much admired – and the Wow factor is a major part of it!”

Far-reaching views

Glass was essential to keep the far-reaching views over the Irvine Valley from the quarter-acre plot, with the added benefit of not needing any time-consuming painting or maintenance. “To have put a wooden balustrade would have been nuts!” I would not have wanted anything to disrupt the view,” he says.

Curved balcony design

John opted for a curved balcony, having changed his original rectangular concept as it had ‘no architectural feel whatsoever’. A former neighbour told him about Balcony Systems’, having installed one of their Juliet balconies on a similar property to his.

He explains: “Having seen the case studies on the website, I designed my balcony round the Balcony Systems’ products and asked my architect to send the drawings to them. This required overcoming major changes, including shaping the deck’s structural steel beam into a curve.”

The installation

John installed his balustrade gradually, enlisting the help of a friend to weld the posts to the steel and timber joists of the cantilevered deck built onto the property. The straight and curved sections were easy to do, using just three lengths of handrail to cover the 17 metre length.

Measuring over 8.0m wide and 3.0 metres deep at the centre point , narrowing to 1.5 metres at each end, the balcony area provides a flexible area for entertaining and is accessed from two sets of sliding patio doors from the main living rooms as well as a set of stairs giving access to a patio.

Curved glass balustrade
Curved balcony
Before renovation
Balcony installation
Balcony installation
Curved balcony front view

Refurbishment of the former six-bedroomed bungalow included demolishing internal walls to create larger rooms and open-plan living areas, flooding the interior with light.

Design, ordering and logistics throughout the project progressed smoothly, according to John, who adds: “Delivery and service from Balcony Systems was absolutely first-class and I would recommend the company wholeheartedly. The quality is there to be seen and I’m confident the balcony will deliver what I want.”

Three-climate views

As for their new balcony, John and his wife Kath, who downsized from a much larger property, are looking forward to enjoying what is undoubtedly a unique feature of their hillside home.

How? “With a bottle of wine enjoying watching the birds, clouds and constantly-changing scenery,” concludes John. “Here we can get three climates in one day – and a clear glass balcony provides the perfect vantage point from which to take it all in.”

Balcony Systems

Balcony Systems is a specialist in sophisticated glass and aluminium balustrading solutions and stunning curved patio doors, supplying straight or curved external and Juliet balconies to exact client specifications.

From a single balustrade to multi-apartment developments, the company works with architects, designers, developers and specifiers to deliver the most cost-effective, stylish and durable balustrade solution.

• Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Taking full advantage of extensive views across St Brelade’s Bay on the Channel Island of Jersey are curved and straight clear glass balconies by Balcony Systems for the prestigious award-winning Chateau Valeuse apartments.

Designed by Jersey-based Naish Waddington architects and built by AC Mauger Construction, Chateau Valeuse took third place in the ‘Best Large-Scale Development’ category at the Jersey Design Awards.

Offering tremendous design options for larger external balconies and balustrading projects, the system’s elegant aesthetics complement the building’s 1930s streamlined architectural style.

Clear glass balustrades – a key design element

For the architects at Naish Waddington, clear glass balustrading was a key design element. ‘The strong semi-circular balconies are sculptural, dramatic and functional. The horizontality of the South Elevation is emphasised by the continuation of these balconies which span towards the central element. Chateau Valeuse is a calm, refined, modernist building, set within a landscape that evokes its seaside setting’.

Cost-effective frameless glass

Project Architect Bruno Francisco commented: “Balcony Systems was able to provide a cost-effective frameless curved balustrading solution to ensure uninterrupted sea views. We were able to achieve this with semi-circular projecting balconies using the handrail as the structural tie without the need for vertical intermediate posts”

Curved and straight

Managing Director of Balcony Systems, Effi Wolff said: “As this impressive project shows, curved or straight panels, or a combination of both, can deliver the architect’s vision for an aesthetically-driven balustrading solution that is as visually stunning as it is practical.”
The versatile Balcony 1 system with a handrail in Royal Chrome finish was installed by Pallot Windows, the island’s Balcony Systems dealer, at the striking Art Deco-inspired building which comprises 15 one to three bedroom luxury apartments.

curved balcony
glass balustrades
curved glass balconies
frameless glass balustrade
• Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Fantastic panoramic views of the southern tip of the Isle of Man from a luxurious bed and breakfast property are fully exploited using every product from UK balustrading specialist Balcony Systems’ wide range of low-maintenance clear glass balustrading and curved sliding patio doors.

Balcony Systems’ products fully exploit Isle of Man views

Owners Philip and Jillian Routledge specified Balcony’s four-panel curved patio door, with two sliding panels, that forms the stunning centrepiece of the domed guest lounge at The Arches overlooking Port Erin. Either side of the curved white aluminium powder-coated doors are two further straight patio doors allowing additional access to the outside space.

Measuring 5.2 metres across and maximising the 180-degree views, the curved door has double glazed units with Low E glass and a 16mm air space that achieve a 1.8W/m2K U-value. It opens onto a square terrace with a structural glazed balustrade, also supplied by Balcony Systems. This balustrading style was chosen specifically to fulfil safety requirements with low-maintenance minimum visual impact, plus the added benefit of protection from prevailing winds.

The curved patio doors and balustrading elements were installed by Chris Wedgwood, Managing Director of Jurby-based Hamilton Project Management Ltd and incorporated as part of extensive remodelling to the substantial 1920s building, perched on a steep site in Tower Road.

Five years of construction work included rebuilding and extending the southern elevation and roofing over what was an outdoor swimming pool.

Frameless Glass Balustrade

Frameless Glass Balustrade

Curved Patio Doors

Curved Patio Doors

Curved Glass Balustrade

Curved Glass Balustrade

Following the shape of a second lower terrace next to the swimming pool are nearly 40 metres of Balcony’s curved and straight balustrading, topped with an anodised silver handrail. Above this terrace, three glass Juliet balconies supplied by Balcony Systems maintain clear views from guest rooms on two upper floors.

Having holidayed on the Isle of Man for many years, the couple moved there from the UK in 2006 having fallen in love with The Arches’ spectacular coastal location. The B&B opened for business in 2011.

Philip, from Liverpool, explained: “The incredible views inspired all the glass as the whole point was to maximise the pleasure from them. It’s unusual to have 180 degrees of such splendour – and the curved patio door from Balcony Systems really does it justice. Everyone is stunned when they see it and it adds so much to the value and enjoyment of the property.

Top quality products that are built to last.

Phil also commented on the quality of the materials:

“As the house is located near to the sea, that’s great for the views but a real challenge to the materials used to enable us to enjoy them to the full. After four or five years of installation, the finishes on our Balcony products are like new.

“The curved patio door performs well; it’s thermally-efficient, air and watertight, even during the wild weather we get sometimes. It’s so central to what we wanted to achieve. There’s no product like it and it really brings the outside in!”

Project architect John Cryer, of Marshall Cryer Architects said an initial triangular design for the lounge was adapted into a more space-efficient curve after consultation with Balcony Systems.

He said: “The curved door is a remarkable product, making the most of the space and views while turning an ordinary room into something much better. This site is so suited to this product. So many sites on the island have good views that would benefit from products like those from Balcony Systems. I would definitely use their products again.”

According to Chris Wedgwood, it’s the combination of Balcony’s three different products that work really well at The Arches. “The curved patio door undoubtedly gives the house its ‘Wow’ factor and makes the most of the views. The structural glass balustrade is a fantastic answer for uninterrupted views. They’re all good quality, well-thought out products.”

Balcony Systems is a specialist in sophisticated glass and aluminium balustrading solutions and stunning curved patio doors, supplying straight or curved external and Juliet balconies to exact client specifications.

From single balustrades to multi-apartment developments, the company works with architects, designers and specifiers to deliver the most cost-effective, stylish and durable balustrade solution.

The Arches Port Erin.

The house is a lovely and unique B & B and well worth a visit