• Sunday, February 19th, 2017

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Are your system structural glass balustrades?

Due to the fact that many of our systems are installed without the use of posts, we get asked if the Balconette system is a structural glass balustrade. The answer is no. It’s a hybrid system. A Structural glass balustrade means that the glass itself acts as the structure, and resists outward forces by being cantilevered from the ground.

Glass and Bottom Channel

In a Structural glass system the strength comes from the glass and bottom channel. Both of these need to be heavy-duty and thick. The channel that holds the glass can either be hidden underneath the floor level, or visible above it.

If the structural glass balustrade uses a handrail, then the glass needs to be a minimum of 15 millimetres thick. If you want fully frameless you must use a minimum of 21.5 millimetre thick glass.

Balustrade Without Posts

With the Balconette Hybrid system, the strength of the balustrade comes from the handrail. This approach enables us to achieve relatively long runs without needing a post, without it being a structural glass system, but looking in some cases similar to one. The bottom rail is a small channel, not the deep channel of a structural glass system. It can be fitted on top of the floor level, making it unobtrusive, and easy to install.

Lightweight Balconette System

The Balconette system is lightweight, using 10 millimetre glass and not 21.5 mm. They aren’t structural glass systems, but can achieve the same look, at a fraction of the cost.

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  1. Anne Mainstone says:

    We are having an extension built onto the back of our house and need a balustrade as this will also double as a first floor sun terrace. The attic has a dormer into which we are having doors fitted which will also need some sort of balustrade. Could your lightweight balconette system work in this situation?

  2. Anne Mainstone says:

    Lightweight balconette system

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