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• Thursday, October 19th, 2017

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Balconette has launched the brand new SG12 Frameless Glass Balustrade system. The SG12 system allows for 100% uninterrupted views, what’s more there are no limitations of lengths or sizes and requires no posts at all.

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Frameless glass balustrade Frameless glass balustrades

Fully frameless glass balustrades

Frameless Glass Balustrade with handrail Frameless Glass Balustrade with handrail

Frameless glass balustrade with a handrail

Fitting SG12 Frameless Glass Balustrade

The structural glass can either be fitted below finished floor level and give a completely seamless effect or if you have finished your floor levels it can be fitted above and covered with our discreet and stylish looking shoe covers.

The system uses 21.5 laminated toughened glass and can be supplied with or without a sleek elliptical handrail. If fitted above floor level, our shoe covers and handrails can be supplied in Royal Chrome anodised aluminium or Silver anodised aluminium.

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