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• Thursday, July 31st, 2014

An interesting Case study of a Balcony Balustrade refurbishment and new composite decking in a house in Reigate, Surrey by Balcony Systems Solutions Ltd

New glass balustrade and composite decking add ‘wow factor’ to Reigate home. A smart new glass balcony and composite decking, both supplied by Balcony Systems, add the perfect – and practical – finishing touch to a basement extension.

glass balustrade in Reifate

The new South West-facing terrace and balustrade sits on the roof of the new accommodation, providing valuable extra outdoor space from which to enjoy garden views. An older deck on stilts was demolished as part of the works.


wooden balcony - before the refurbishment
wooden balcony - before the refurbishment


glass balcony - after the refurbishment
glass balcony - after the refurbishment
glass balcony

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• Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Balcony’s Royal Chrome Balustrades – Seven years later, how have they fared?

The proof has to be in the pudding as they say…

curved glass balustradeConstructed in 2007 and fronting directly onto the Bognor Regis seafront, the five-storey Compass Point building comprises 24 luxury two-bedroom apartments, each with its own large balcony or terrace to make the most of spectacular sea views.

The balconies are enhanced by distinctive curved steels, a design feature that ‘connects with the sea’, complementing the contours of the eye-catching corner tower. This tower also houses the living rooms of five of the homes and the master bedroom of the two-storey penthouse apartment with its sweeping curved balustrading.

Balcony Systems supplied more than 300 metres of curved and straight glass balustrading featuring their proprietary ‘Royal Chrome’ handrail finish for the distinctive property, built by private developer Hamlet Homes Ltd.

glass balcony

Hamlet Homes specified the durable anodised aluminium Royal Chrome finish – specially-developed by Balcony Systems – for its corrosion-resistance and virtually maintenance-free characteristics.

curved glass balustradesAlmost identical in appearance to polished stainless steel, but with none of the drawbacks, the Royal Chrome handrail is an ideal choice for coastal climates. Balcony introduced this special finish following clients’ requests for a long-life product with the smart look of stainless steel.

Superior to stainless steel

Mike Neale, Estimator and Buyer at Hamlet Homes, explained: “Seven years on, the balustrading with the Royal Chrome handrail supplied by Balcony Systems still looks very good. It has certainly demonstrated its robustness and longevity in a testing marine environment.

“Its ‘good as new’ appearance is in stark contrast to a stainless steel balustrade on another development at the other end of the seafront, which has not fared as well and is starting to rust.”

glass balconiesMike continued: “We were originally going to use stainless steel balustrading, but decided on Balcony Systems after their curved patio doors and balustrading caught my eye while researching them on the internet. The curved balcony on the penthouse apartment really adds to the flowing lines of the building.

“We were impressed by their products, which are very cost-effective. They are also designed for long-term performance as amply demonstrated after seven years at Compass Point.”

Since 2007, Hamlet Homes has used Balcony’s products on several other projects with great success. Mike added: “The fact that the Royal Chrome handrail still looks great on a seaside property after seven years is a testament to the product’s durability and quality. We would recommend Balcony Systems and use their products again in the future.”

glass balcony

• Sunday, January 19th, 2014

Glass Balustrade makes ‘unbelievable difference’ to holiday home.

Have you ever wished you had installed the right product, at the right price, to do the right job in the first place? Alistair Mackenzie’s balustrading experience at his recently-built luxury holiday home on the exposed West Highland coast in Scotland illustrates why Balcony Systems’ products are designed to perform – even in the most extreme locations.

The Wire Balustrade System was not fit for the coastal environment

Frustrated by the poor performance of his original wire balustrading that went rusty after just a few months, Alistair replaced it with a clear glass balustrade from Balcony Systems. And now he’s delighted!

“The wire system was a complete disaster; it went rusty after four months and would not have been safe on a rental property. So I had to rip it out,” explained Alistair, an IT company director from Glasgow. “Then I found Balcony Systems and having installed their six metre by three metre glass balcony balustrade, the difference was unbelievable!

The Glass Balustrade that makes the difference

“I wish I had chosen Balcony and its glass system in the first place as I would have had all sorts of problems with a wire balustrade. Not only would I have saved hundreds of pounds initially, but the wire would have blocked the amazing views from the master bedroom.”

Completed to a high specification in November 2011, the Ardmair Bay House near Ullapool sleeps up to eight and boasts stunning views looking across to the spectacular Mountain of Ben Mor Coigach and the Isle of Martin.

The right choice of glass coating

Wisely, Alistair also specified Balcony’s BalcoNano® self-cleaning glass coating that transforms ordinary glass into self-cleaning glass, saying: “The coating was a key part of the specification. Being in a coastal location with lots of sea salt in the air, any deposits come off really easily. The coating really protects the glass and it only takes a wipe with a wet cloth to keep it sparkling. Of course, the rain helps too.”

The balustrade, using Balcony’s proprietary Shiny Chrome handrail, was installed efficiently in one day by Simon Elms of Elmswood (Scotland) Ltd, an Aberdeen-based Balcony-Registered Installer, who Alistair is happy to recommend.

“He was really quick and did a great job – the new balcony fitted onto the existing decking perfectly. Nothing was too much trouble, plus he also enjoyed seeing two Golden Eagles soaring above while he was installing it. Balcony’s service and delivery to Aberdeen was 100% too,” said Alistair.

Standing the test of time and the elements

Mr. Mackenzie adds “Two years on and the Balcony balustrade still looks great; it also proved its sturdiness in the recent 2013/14 winter storms. I would definitely recommend the company and its products.”

glass balustrades in Scotlandglass balustrades in Scotlandglass balustrades in Scotlandglass balustrades in Scotland

glass balustrades in Scotland

glass balustrades in Scotland

glass balustrades in Scotland

Simon the installer commented: “The glass balcony really does justice to Alistair’s house, which is in a fantastic location. The beauty of Balcony Systems’ products is that they are very easy to install and really work well.”

• Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Fantastic panoramic views of the southern tip of the Isle of Man from a luxurious bed and breakfast property are fully exploited using every product from UK balustrading specialist Balcony Systems’ wide range of low-maintenance clear glass balustrading and curved sliding patio doors.

Balcony Systems’ products fully exploit Isle of Man views

Owners Philip and Jillian Routledge specified Balcony’s four-panel curved patio door, with two sliding panels, that forms the stunning centrepiece of the domed guest lounge at The Arches overlooking Port Erin. Either side of the curved white aluminium powder-coated doors are two further straight patio doors allowing additional access to the outside space.

Measuring 5.2 metres across and maximising the 180-degree views, the curved door has double glazed units with Low E glass and a 16mm air space that achieve a 1.8W/m2K U-value. It opens onto a square terrace with a structural glazed balustrade, also supplied by Balcony Systems. This balustrading style was chosen specifically to fulfil safety requirements with low-maintenance minimum visual impact, plus the added benefit of protection from prevailing winds.

The curved patio doors and balustrading elements were installed by Chris Wedgwood, Managing Director of Jurby-based Hamilton Project Management Ltd and incorporated as part of extensive remodelling to the substantial 1920s building, perched on a steep site in Tower Road.

Five years of construction work included rebuilding and extending the southern elevation and roofing over what was an outdoor swimming pool.

Frameless Glass Balustrade

Frameless Glass Balustrade

Curved Patio Doors

Curved Patio Doors

Curved Glass Balustrade

Curved Glass Balustrade

Following the shape of a second lower terrace next to the swimming pool are nearly 40 metres of Balcony’s curved and straight balustrading, topped with an anodised silver handrail. Above this terrace, three glass Juliet balconies supplied by Balcony Systems maintain clear views from guest rooms on two upper floors.

Having holidayed on the Isle of Man for many years, the couple moved there from the UK in 2006 having fallen in love with The Arches’ spectacular coastal location. The B&B opened for business in 2011.

Philip, from Liverpool, explained: “The incredible views inspired all the glass as the whole point was to maximise the pleasure from them. It’s unusual to have 180 degrees of such splendour – and the curved patio door from Balcony Systems really does it justice. Everyone is stunned when they see it and it adds so much to the value and enjoyment of the property.

Top quality products that are built to last.

Phil also commented on the quality of the materials:

“As the house is located near to the sea, that’s great for the views but a real challenge to the materials used to enable us to enjoy them to the full. After four or five years of installation, the finishes on our Balcony products are like new.

“The curved patio door performs well; it’s thermally-efficient, air and watertight, even during the wild weather we get sometimes. It’s so central to what we wanted to achieve. There’s no product like it and it really brings the outside in!”

Project architect John Cryer, of Marshall Cryer Architects said an initial triangular design for the lounge was adapted into a more space-efficient curve after consultation with Balcony Systems.

He said: “The curved door is a remarkable product, making the most of the space and views while turning an ordinary room into something much better. This site is so suited to this product. So many sites on the island have good views that would benefit from products like those from Balcony Systems. I would definitely use their products again.”

According to Chris Wedgwood, it’s the combination of Balcony’s three different products that work really well at The Arches. “The curved patio door undoubtedly gives the house its ‘Wow’ factor and makes the most of the views. The structural glass balustrade is a fantastic answer for uninterrupted views. They’re all good quality, well-thought out products.”

Balcony Systems is a specialist in sophisticated glass and aluminium balustrading solutions and stunning curved patio doors, supplying straight or curved external and Juliet balconies to exact client specifications.

From single balustrades to multi-apartment developments, the company works with architects, designers and specifiers to deliver the most cost-effective, stylish and durable balustrade solution.

The Arches Port Erin.

The house is a lovely and unique B & B and well worth a visit

• Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Running up to the Eco Build Show next week we have a very special offer for you.

On orders placed up to 23rd March we are offering:

50% off the self-cleaning glass coating on our Glass Balustrades, Custom Glass Juliet Balconies and our Curved Glass Patio Doors.

In order to take us up on this offer all you need to do is:

  1. If you don’t have a quote already, get a price or quote off the website
  2. Call our sales staff on 01342 410 411

Our self-cleaning glass coating is unique and is applied to both sides of the glass.

Looking forward to hearing from you

The Balcony System team

• Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Glass Juliet Balconies now cost less than traditional steel ones!

Costing from just £178, elegant Glass Juliet balconies from Balcony Systems are one of the most affordable, durable and beautiful balustrading solutions on the market today.

Good-looking and simple to install, the low-maintenance glass and aluminium Juliet balconies are corrosion-resistant and an ideal choice for harsh coastal or city environments. Clear glass panels without unsightly clamps retain views to the outside and maximise light to the inside.

Reduced cleaning cycles

Adding an optional self-cleaning double-sided glass coating option further enhances the low-maintenance benefits by repelling rainwater, dirt or salt deposits faster to keep the balcony looking cleaner for longer. This dramatically reduces cleaning cycles and eliminates the need for use of chemical cleaning agents. An occasional wipe down with a wet cloth does the job.

28 standard models

Balcony Systems’ Juliet balcony range features 28 different standard models in sizes from 1,280mm up to 2,840mm. Handrails are available in four attractive finishes; white, silver, bronze and the shiny Royal Chrome that replicates the look of stainless steel.

Laminated or toughened glass, plus a choice of tinted shades, can also be specified. Bespoke sizes and colours can be supplied for bulk orders to suit any client specification and budget.

“Glass balconies need not be expensive, as shown with our proven system costing under £200,” says Managing Director Effi Wolff. “As there’s no need for regular painting or repairs, they also work out cheaper over their lifetimes compared to alternative balustrading materials.”

For more details on Balcony’s range of Juliette balconies, including online quotations, check out our online shop.

Contact Balcony on 01342 410411 or email

• Thursday, February 02nd, 2012

Balcony Systems is proud to launch BalcoNano® – our amazing new DIY self cleaning glass coating. Now you can transform ordinary glass into Self-Cleaning glass – it is a real breakthrough product. We have worked hard to package this and make it suitable for the industry professional as well as the end user.

The new website for the BalcoNano DIY sachets  is now live and we invite you to visit:

A super introductory price

We are offering Balcony Systems’ customers a super introductory price!

Only £10 for a set of 5 sachets – that’s 5 square meters worth of coating (valid until Sunday 5th Feb) – worth a try!

Go to shop:

• Thursday, January 26th, 2012

We have launched a new website focused on our BalcoNano® DIY self-cleaning glass

The  new website is solely focused on the new BalcoNano® self-application glass coating process that transforms ordinary glass into self-cleaning glass.

The introduction of this easy-to-apply DIY sachet solution follows the huge success of our unique, patented factory-applied coating across our entire range of modern glass balconies, glass Juliet balconies and curved patio doors.

Protecting glass, keeping it new and clean

BalcoNano® works at a nano-scale level – a nanometre is one millionth of a millimetre – to form a hard, clear coating that leaves a super-smooth surface on the glass. It transforms the dirt-trapping microscopic pits, peaks and valleys of the underlying glass surface into one that is water-repellent or hydrophobic.

Water that comes in contact with the coated glass curls into droplets that quickly roll away, so any dirt, grime or deposits wash off easily to keep the glass surface looking new and cleaner for longer.

“Having achieved tremendous success and high levels of customer satisfaction with our pre-applied revolutionary coating, it was clear there was a demand from our customers, dealers and installers for an answer to protecting already-installed glass,” explains Balcony Managing Director, Effi Wolff.

“As customers started to recognise the immense benefit of our self-cleaning glass coating that dramatically reduces cleaning cycles, we rose to the challenge in creating the BalcoNano® sachets system. It meets this obvious market need for a convenient on-site application, which also works for other glass products and elements so these too can enjoy the protective advantages of the coating,” he continues.

Applied in minutes

Intensive research and effort was placed on creating a retro fit solution as we adapted our factory-applied coating so that BalcoNano® can now be applied to glass that is already installed using a two-part sachet process – a special glass cleaner and the BalcoNano® coating. Each sachet contains a pre-soaked towelette ready for immediate use.

Designed for use by the homeowner or professionals alike, the unique coating can be applied in minutes to existing glass in doors and windows, conservatories, shower enclosures and much more.

Because the coating chemistry works just as well on other silica-based products such as ceramics, porcelain, marble and stone, the sachets can be used to apply the coating to kitchen tops, sinks, ceramic tiles and many other areas.

Effi adds: “The BalcoNano® glass coating offers an eco-friendly and durable solution that literally pays for itself; both in saved cleaning frequency and time, plus in eliminating the need for use of expensive chemical cleaners.”

Positive customer feedback

Customer feedback on the BalcoNano® glass coating has been extremely positive, with many homeowners commenting on much lower maintenance needed. Bryan and Melanie Heslop from Tyne and Wear, said: “Our Juliette balcony overlooks the sea, so the self-cleaning glass means lower maintenance and less cleaning because of the salt air.”

Adrian and Catrin Hughes from West Wales, reported: “We have noticed a difference with the self-cleaning glass coating. Our Juliette balcony keeps a lot cleaner compared to the windows and we keep the countryside views.”

Brett and Helena James from Margate, Kent, said: “Despite being close to the sea, we’ve not had to clean the self-cleaning glass panels in the eight months since the balcony was installed.”

Paul and Margaret Ratcliffe from Sheffield, commented: “We specified self-cleaning coated glass as it really does work; there’s a noticeable difference compared to normal glass. It stays much cleaner as the water runs off it quickly. Being glass, the balcony lets in plenty of light and keeps the garden views.”

Peter Morley from Taunton, Somerset, reported: “The self-cleaning glass does stay very clean. In the four months since the Juliette balcony was installed, I’ve not had to clean it.”

• Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Happy New Year!

We welcome 2012 and looking forward to a year of continued recovery for the construction industry in the UK.

We can report record sales throughout 2011 on our entire range of products; glass balustrading, Juliet balcony and curved patio doors – despite the tough economic times.

Sales volumes across our entire product range by almost 29.2% throughout last year compared to 2010 and reflected consistent growth throughout the 12 months of 2011. End of year sales were particularly strong with November 2011 orders more than double on the same month in 2010.

Since our move to larger premises at Lingfield, Surrey 15 months ago, our workforce has grown by 20% to cope with customer demand and the developing product range.

Balcony Systems reports record sales in 2011

Managing Director Effi Wolff said the addition of the BalcoNano® unique self-cleaning glass coating option in mid-summer had attracted much interest and contributed to the uplift in business, especially towards the end of the year.

Similarly, the introduction of our Juliet balconies with promotional pricing from under £200, which provide a cost-effective and elegant, low-maintenance balustrading solution, had proved popular with buyers from all sectors. This helped to boost sales of Juliets by a spectacular 70% in 2011.

Effi explained: “Balcony continues to grow, showing consistent 15% year-on-year growth since 2008. We’ve had a tremendous year as more and more architects, builders and self-builders recognised the quality, versatility and affordability of Balcony’s products, as well as their ability to transform properties and add value.

“We are also starting to see the resurrection of larger projects, plus signs of confidence returning to the market; something we have not seen for three years,” he continued. “Business picked up considerably in the final quarter of 2011 and we worked right through the Christmas period in order to fulfil orders for our customers.”

As for 2012, We are predicting another buoyant year with our appearances at both Grand Design Live exhibitions (London & Birmingham) and an Ecobuild debut for our sister company, VBS, in March.

Effi added: “Alongside rising demand from builders and developers, trends show that people are still willing to invest in their homes with many choosing to improve, rather than move house. That’s why we’re experiencing a lot of interest in our products, for both newbuild projects and refurbishment schemes.”

• Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Balcony Systems reports best-ever Grand Designs Live 2011

Balcony Systems has reported its best-ever Grand Designs Live 2011 with record levels of enquiries and increased orders from more visitors attending the October consumer home show at Birmingham’s NEC.

Refurbishment projects featured strongly in many quotations for the company’s market-leading range of beautiful glass and aluminium balustrades, affordable Juliette balconies from under £200 and spectacular curved patio doors that transform all types of properties.

“There was very strong interest in both our balustrading and Juliet balcony products, with many serious enquirers ready to go ahead,” commented Balcony Director Lesley Farrow. “Our unique self-cleaning glass coating also attracted much attention, with staff being asked to explain how the smooth surface it creates on the glass keeps the balustrading looking cleaner for longer to reduce maintenance.”Balcony GDL 2011 NEC - 9

Lesley added: “Overall, it was a tremendously busy and successful three days and we are absolutely delighted with the level of enquiries to follow up, including those for future new build projects and developments.”