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• Wednesday, April 01st, 2020

“50% of Deposits to be donated to NHS Charity”

balcony covid19

In this time of adversity where unprecedented disruption has affected all of us, looking out for our neighbour has never been more important.

The COVID-19 situation has put an enormous strain on the NHS and, at Balconette, we want to contribute whatever we can to the alleviation of this situation.

Sach charitySo we thought, what can be done to help?

  • Help the NHS
  • Help the customer, and
  • Help our remote workforce keep busy

And we have come up with an idea that can help all three. Very simple really.

  • Place your order now
  • Pay a reduced deposit amount – 50% of which we will donate
  • Get it designed by our remote-working technical team, drawn up and ready to go into production!

From 2nd April 2020, Balconette will donate 50% of the value of all order deposits received to the SASH Charity (Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust) which will benefit the Trust’s preparations in gearing-up for increased patient numbers.

Over this same period, deposits on all Balconette orders (for Glass balustrades, Custom-sized Glass Juliet balconies or Curved Glass Doors) have been reduced to 10% and can be paid by Credit Card.

We will contribute all charitable donations to SASH at no extra cost to you, the customer.

How does this work?

  • To assist you in placing an order with our Sales team, from 2nd April you will only need to pay a 10% deposit to confirm your order.
  • Of your 10% deposit, half of this (50%) will be donated immediately to the NHS through SASH, supporting the East Surrey Hospital Trust.
  • If you choose to pay a larger deposit, 5% of the total value of your order (excluding delivery and VAT) will be donated to this initiative.

Tracking your order

Balconette is focused on the safety of our customers and our staff. Our Sales and Technical design teams, while fully-functioning, are working individually from home and we are operating a skeleton crew in our manufacturing facility so that urgent orders can still be processed.

  • When you place your order, we will process it right through the technical phase to signed drawings.
  • We will evaluate with you if it’s possible to manufacture your order and, based on each individual situation, we will advise on best options.
  • Otherwise, upon our factory returning to normal operation, we will be working double shifts to get your order immediately into production.

We look forward to speaking to you soon, and we thank you for helping us to help the NHS.
The Balconette team

• Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

As things keep changing we want to keep everyone informed of the operation status here at Balconette.

Our Sales and Technical design teams are now set-up to work remotely from home and are fully functioning.

In accordance with the Government guidelines we are now operating a skeleton crew in our manufacturing facility. So urgent orders are being processed and manufactured.

Installation on sites and homes has stopped.

We are still taking orders and running our business and we wanted to let you know some important facts regarding this:

  • We are not laying off any staff
  • We will be supporting all our staff financially during this crisis and right through to when we all beat this wretched virus.
  • We are paying all of our suppliers so that they can keep paying their staff
  • Our sales team will be fully functional working from home and is still here to answer any of your questions.
  • Deposits on new orders during this period have been reduced to 10% and can be paid by Credit Card.
  • During this period, when you place your order, we will process it right through the technical phase and to the point of agreed drawings.
  • We will evaluate with you, the customer, if you are able to receive your order at this time and if it’s possible to complete the manufacture. Based on each individual situation, we can advise on best options. Otherwise, upon the factory returning to normal operation, your order will go straight into production.
  • Balconette is an established and very financially stable company with many years of successful trading. Feel free to check out our companies house information and accounts:

We will all get through this difficult time and come out stronger in the end.

We would appreciate your support by keeping the flow of enquiries and orders coming in. Please keep us busy and assist us in keeping everyone productive during this time.

We look forward to getting through this period together as a company and country.

The Balconette team



• Monday, February 03rd, 2020

Walsall based Stainless Handrail Systems (SHS) have appointed administrators on 21 January this year.

Whilst Balconette is in no way affiliated or connected with SHS (Stainless Handrail Systems Limited) we have been contacted by customers who have been left with unfinished projects asking for our assistance.

If you need help with your Glass Balustrading project, please contact our offices on 01342-410411 and we will endeavour to assist in any way we can.

You can also Contact us here:

The Balconette team

Stainless Handrail System


• Tuesday, December 18th, 2018

Three Ways Glass Fencing Can Enhance your Home and Garden

With slick designer looks and an enviable view of the world beyond, have you thought about adding glass fencing to your home? From traditional handrail glass fence panels to barely-there frameless designs, glass fencing complements a broad range of architectural style.

Curved Glass Balustrade Fencing


• Monday, October 08th, 2018

Constructionline Gold accreditation

Constructionline Gold certification - Balcony Systems SolutionsBalconette is pleased to announce that it has been awarded ‘Constructionline Gold certification’. Constructionline is the UK’s largest register of contractors, consultants and material suppliers for the construction industry.

As a Gold certified company, buyers will now recognise that Balconette fully aligns to industry and government standards, including the relevant Health & Safety compliances, Environmental & Quality Management, Equalities and Diversity, as well as abiding by legislation in areas such as Modern Slavery, Anti-bribery and Corruption, and Equal Opportunities.

Hybrid® balustrading system selected by Balfour Beatty

Following its Gold accreditation, Balconette was quick to secure the contract to supply over 700m of its Hybrid® Glass balustrading system to Balfour Beatty for their upcoming Audley ‘Coopers Hill’ Retirement Village project. The Hybrid® system was selected for its unique aesthetics and ease of installation, as well as its cost-effectiveness. The contract includes the full design, manufacture and installation of the Hybrid® system throughout. Formerly part of Brunel University, Audley ‘Coopers Hill’ is located within the 66 acres of the Magna Carta Park in the village of Englefield Green, near Runnymede in Surrey. The retirement village will include 78 properties and is planned to open in 2019.

Hybrid Glass Balustrade

• Monday, August 20th, 2018

Back by Popular Demand

We’d like you to join us for our biggest ever Open House event on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th September 2018 from 10am – 4pm at our HQ in Surrey (full address below).

You can see and feel the products first-hand, view all the components of the products, chat with our friendly Sales Team and discuss your requirements, take a tour around our manufacturing areas and have a bite to eat on us!

balcony glass balustrade


• Monday, March 12th, 2018

Hybrid balconyWe’d like you to join us for our Open House Event on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th April 2018 from 10am – 4pm at our HQ in Surrey (full address below).

You can see and feel the products first-hand, view all the components of the products, chat with our friendly Sales Team and discuss your requirements, take a tour around our manufacturing areas and have a bite to eat on us!


• Monday, March 12th, 2018

Coastal Equals Corrosive

Rust on FixingsCoastline homes and apartments with sea views are the most expensive properties around. The intriguing lure of the ocean and seas have a special effect on us human beings.

Full height glass doors and windows are one way to enjoy this view but an external balcony overlooking the sea has been since the time of ancient Rome and Greece a pleasant amenity to enjoy life.


• Monday, March 05th, 2018

wrought iron railingsTo the uninitiated, metal is metal but there are many different types of metals, all of which can add their own style and feel to a finished product. Metal is a common part of the home and surrounding areas and over the centuries, one of the most common features of a home or building has been the railings surrounding it. Metal railings have a combined role in the surroundings of a home, providing an added level of security in addition to looking good. There have been many different types of metal used for metal railings throughout the years and the following are some of the most popular.


• Monday, February 26th, 2018

UK Regulations

glass balustrades fittings

There is some confusion regarding the requirement for a handrail on glass balustrades and glass railings and in order to ascertain this matter we need to get the answer to the following question: What are the legal or regulatory requirements in respect of handrails on glass balustrades? Are there criteria that allow glass barriers to have no handrail on top?