Maintain your self-cleaning glass for years

In order to enjoy the benefits of your self-cleaning glass coating for many years here’s what you need to know:

Initially it is important to stress to never use harsh cleaners or chemicals on your treated/coated surfaces as it may damage the coating and the underlying surface.

How does the coating work?

When viewed under a microscope, standard glass actually has a pitted surface to which water, lime scale and soap scum can latch to. This builds up with everyday weather and environmental elements. The glass will then require regular cleaning and scrubbing just to keep them clear, clean and hygienic.

Taking its inspiration from plants, our coating forms an invisible and smooth Nano (measured in nano-metres) shield. This shield prevents the collection and building up of dirt and grime.

The hydrophobic (water repelling) properties of the coating cause water to run off freely, washing away residue and dirt as it goes.

Better for the environment

This coating is truly eco-friendly. In a manner of speaking, water and rain does the cleaning for you, so it’s more hygienic and with fewer bacteria there’s NO need for harsh chemical cleaners – which is a viable way to stop this horrid chemical pollution and is kind to the environment

Similar to the way Teflon®-coated cooking pans make cleaning easier, our coating dramatically reduces the cleaning required, making it less of a burden and less frequent.

If you follow the maintenance tips below will ensure many years of satisfaction from this wonderful coating.

Care and maintenance

Cleaning method: Wet the surface and use a nylon sponge to wipe it down, rubbing in a circular motion. You should feel any ‘sticky’ places becoming smooth again. Then rinse or spray the surface with clean water, let the water drain off and wipe dry.

Maintenance and care vary substantially according to the type of application (treated surface type and location/exposure) and the abrasion which the treated material is exposed to. Abrasion means any mechanical (such as windshield wiper on an automobile) or non-mechanical force (such as wind or dust) affecting the treated product. Thus, an exterior architectural glass structure exposed to all kinds of weather conditions will require much different maintenance and care than an interior application.

While our coating does make treated surfaces water and oil repellent, stain and scratch resistant, among other properties, and lasts for a long period of time (years in most cases), maintenance time is guaranteed to be reduced, depending on the application, by as much as 50% and up to 90% AND eliminates the need for any harsh, expensive and toxic chemical cleaning sprays.

Once treated with the coating, will I still need to clean the surface?

Our coating reduces cleaning time but it does not eliminate it entirely. It is similar to the development of non-stick cooking pans. While you can cook food in uncoated pans, it is so much easier to clean if you cook with non-stick pans. While you still must maintain your glass with a coated surface, the time and effort required are significantly reduced.