Glass Terrace Design

Balconette offers endless possibilities for glass terrace design

Make the most of your outdoor space with glass balustrading from Balconette that offers limitless possibilities for glass terrace design. Whatever the shape or size of your garden or external living spaces, be inspired with clever solutions that can deliver exactly what you have in mind.

Glass Terrace Design

Glass balustrading has many advantages over alternative types of railings such as timber or steel. It won’t rust, never needs painting, being transparent it keeps the views, and of course, it also looks fabulous.

So if you’re considering your own glass terrace design using glass balustrading, here are some of our favourite ideas to get you started:

Roof terraces

Roof terraces and balconies are a popular home improvement and it’s easy to see why. They provide a great opportunity from which to enjoy the surrounding views and extend the living space of your home, however small.

Here glass balustrading makes an excellent choice in your glass terrace or balcony design. Not only does it provide uninterrupted views, it acts as a wind buffer allowing you to enjoy fresh air even on windy days. As an effective protection from winds, glass balustrading can be built up to a height of 1.8 metres. So even on the windiest of roof terraces or exposed balconies, you and your plants can be protected from the elements.

Consider curved glass

There’s more to glass balustrading than just straight glass panels. Balconette’s system allows you to create interest with curves, adding an exciting dimension to your glass terrace design.

Innovations in glass balustrade design have enabled us to manufacture curved glass balustrading and handrails that are as affordable as they are good-looking. An added advantage is that the inherent strength of the curve means fewer support posts may be required, depending on the length of the balustrade.

If you are considering curves in your glass terrace design, our friendly technical team can help you with drawing up your plans.

Contemporary clean design

Glass balustrading is a beautiful way to add a clean, contemporary and elegant barrier to your glass terrace design. Whether you opt for the simple lines of a structural glass frameless system or prefer one with a handrail to lean on and admire the view – the choice is yours.

Transparent glass balustrading means you can keep the views from your glass terrace, while keeping children and pets enclosed and safe.

Balconette offers four types of glass balustrading. The self-supporting structural fully-frameless system is held securely at the base and needs no upright supports. With easy-to-clean toughened laminated glass, this versatile balustrading complements any glass terrace design and setting. The semi-frameless option introduces a simple clean-lined handrail to the same structural glass system.

Alternatively, the Orbit and Aerofoil glass balustrades give two different styles of handrail option, giving you a visual reference – and something to lean on while you drink in the view with a glass of wine or cup of coffee.

clean glass design

Bring colour to glass terrace design

You can be creative with colour and allow your glass terrace design to make a statement or to match style themes from your home. We offer a choice of four standard colours with our Orbit and Aerofoil handrail profiles, whilst the glass can be tinted, clear or opaque.

Some customers choose tinted shades for enhanced privacy, or simply to match their existing window and door frames. For specific colour requirements, we can provide handrails in shades from the comprehensive RAL colour chart on large-scale projects, upon specific agreement.

With so many options open to you, we can assist with planning your glass terrace design. Call us now and we can help turn your vision into reality.

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