Glass Fencing

Frameless Glass BalustradeGlass fencing is getting more and more popular, probably due to our warmer summers and the growing popularity of pools.

Fencing made of glass, is another application for the glass balustrade that is being used more and more in new builds as well as renovation projects. A glass fence is made of toughened glass that is held at the base and often also with a handrail around the top of the balustrade glass.

Types of Glass Fencing

Like our glass balustrades, glass fencing can be fully framelesssemi-frameless and also be our original model of balustrading with a traditional rounded handrail or our more modern glass balustrade.

Uses for our Glass Fencing

Glazed Fencing for Pools

Fencing around pools in glass has been a big hit recently. Many prefer our fully frameless systems as that gives them the best view into the pool while providing the legally required safety factor.

Homeowners who opt for our self-cleaning glass coating will find that the pool fencing will be almost invisible, with surprisingly little cleaning.

Glass Blaustrade for Pools

Privacy Fences

In today’s world, one can often be sharing a balcony with a neighbour one might not want to see when sipping one’s morning coffee in pyjamas. For this reason, we can frost the barrier to let in the light but not compromise your privacy.

Frosted privacy fences between homes can shield one from prying eyes when in the garden or on decks around the one’s house.

Privacy Fences

Fencing in Glass for Decks and Balconies

Instead of a traditional wooden barrier at the edge of a balcony or deck, many are choosing the beauty and virtually maintenance-free glass fencing that Balcony Systems is offering.

Fencing for Decks and Blaconies

Glass Fencing Accessories

We offer lockable glass gates and doors, which are particularly popular around pools and again provide safety and beauty with the addition of convenience.

For all of your glass fencing needs, come to us first as we have friendly knowledgeable experts plus great pricing! We are always happy to assist you with any questions you might have, so call us today!

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