Glass Balustrades Posts

How do the Balconette glass balustrades system posts work? We get asked about the posts in our balcony systems, and how they work.

An inner structural post and baseplate is made from galvanised steel

The posts are made from two parts. The first is the structural post, which is a galvanised steel tube with a welded baseplate.

Floor fixing

The baseplate is either fixed below the finished floor level, or above finished floor level with a cover.

In this case it sits above the floor level, and would be fixed down to the structure.

Cover post

The second part is the cover post. This slides all the way over the structural post.

The cover post is made with the same colour and finish as the handrail and bottom rail.

The steel inner post provides the strength

The strength comes from the structural steel post. These can be installed early and the finished floor height doesn’t need to be known due to the unique telescopic feature of the cover post.

Telescopic cover

The telescopic cover post provides the looks, and can be adjusted for variations in the floor height.

That’s how the Balconette posts combine strength, durability, and good looks.