Glass Balustrade Capping

Thinking of adding a structural glass balustrade to your property? Then as well as major decisions such as configuration and whether you install the structural base channel above or below floor level, there are smaller decisions that affect the way your finished glass balustrade looks. Glass balustrade capping is one of those choices.

Glass Balustrade Capping

This article explains more about glass balustrade capping. If you want to learn more about the other factors you need to consider when installing a structural glass balustrade, head over here. Glass balustrade capping is another name for the handrail you see on top of a Semi-Frameless, structural glass balustrade. You could think of capping as the icing on the cake because of the way it helps “finish” your structural glass balustrade.

Why do people choose glass balustrade capping?

There are many reasons for adding capping to glass balustrades:

  • To emphasise a building’s architecture.
  • For extra reassurance.
  • For better-marked boundaries.

SG12 Glass Balustrades System

If glass balustrade capping isn’t right for your project, you can choose from a range of other options. Perhaps you’d prefer Fully Frameless glass balustrades? Without capping or a handrail, you get clear, unobstructed views and a cutting-edge finish.