Galvanized Balcony Railing

Looking for a low maintenance, attractive and long-lasting balcony or Juliet balcony? There are several options available to you such as a galvanised balcony railing, an anodised aluminium balcony railing and a frameless glass balcony railing.

The best option for your project depends on what you want your balcony railing to do for you and your property. Here’s our rundown of the difference between galvanised balcony railings, anodised aluminium railings and frameless glass balcony railings.

Frameless Glass Balustrade

Galvanised balcony railing?

Galvanised balcony railings are made with zinc coated steel. Unlike stainless steel which is a blend of steel and chromium, galvanized steel get its protection from the layer of zinc which shields the surface against the surrounding environment.

Easy care – The zinc coating makes these balcony railings easy to maintain – there’s no need to paint, oil or sand these railings to keep them at their best.

Aluminium Balcony Railing

What is an anodised aluminium balcony railing?

Anodised aluminium balcony railings are made with aluminium that has been treated to prevent it from corroding. To anodise aluminium, it is submerged into an acid electrolyte bath. Once submerged, an electric current is passed through the tank – and the aluminium. The electric current causes the aluminium to oxidise – in turn anodising the aluminium.

Easy care – The anodised coating protects the aluminium from oxidisation, meaning it is easy to keep looking good.

Upmarket appearance – Anodised aluminium can be coated to suit a range of building styles – one of our most popular finishes is Royal Chrome which has a luxurious brushed stainless steel appearance without the on-going maintenance.

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