balustrade on natural stone

When self-builder Mike Murray planned his house on the Devonshire coast he was determined to do as much as possible himself. He spent three and a half years working on it, getting every detail perfect:

When it came to choosing the balustrade he knew exactly what he wanted and chose leading supplier Balcony Systems Ltd. The clean lines and round handrail coupled with the uncluttered finish matched the modern exterior. Most importantly, with no clamps or ugly fittings to get in the way the balustrade didn’t interrupt the spectacular view of the coast from the glass-walled sitting room.

A complicated design

Twenty eight metres of balustrade was ordered for the project, Mike Murray explains: “Balcony’s products are very easy to assemble and install yourself but because our design was quite complicated, it may have been better with hindsight to use a professional installer!

“A challenging bit was the slope leading up to the house where the glass had to be cut at an angle to fit the slope,” continues Mike. “The installation was also on natural stone paving which is not a smooth surface. Accurate measuring and cutting was vital, but Balcony helped me at every stage. They even made a mock-up in MDF to be certain we had it right.”

Great results

The installation took four weeks to complete and Mr Murray was delighted with the end result. “It complements the look of the house and adds to the value. I’d happily recommend Balcony’s products and service.”