Backyard Glass Fence

Glass is often seen as a more unusual option for backyard fencing. Unlike wooden fence panels or brick walls, glass fencing is a modern introduction to our gardens. Here are six of the most common questions people ask when thinking about adding a glass fence to their backyard.

Glass Balustrade for Backyard

How can a glass fence enhance my backyard?

Brick walls, wooden fences and metal railings have the same thing in common – the way they obscure the space behind them. In some situations, this can be a real benefit. For instance, you might want to block a view of passers-by, busy traffic or neighbours. But if you’d otherwise look out onto a beautiful view or need a safety fence in your back garden, these fencing options are less attractive. Glass fencing solves this problem by providing a safe and secure boundary with complete visibility. Install a glass fence on a raised patio or decking and you can still sit in peace while enjoying your carefully planted garden or keeping a careful eye on the kids as they play. A glass fence means the sun can travel freely across your garden, preventing shady spots and allowing light into your home. It also enhances your sense of space – so important if you have a smaller garden.

Backyard Glass Fence

Are glass fences safe?

It’s natural to worry about the safety of glass fences, especially if you’re installing one in a garden where kids (young and old enough to know better) are larking around. But thanks to their construction, glass fences are incredibly safe. They’re made with toughened safety glass, similar to the glass used in car windows. This means stray footballs are no match for your glass fence. What’s more, using a glass fence on a raised area such as a terrace is safer than other high visibility options such as wire fencing because there are no gaps to fall through.

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